The Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners of 2018

One of the most important things that distinguish us from primitive people is cleanliness. It is always comfortable when your apartment is cleaned up and looks well. People use many things to make their dwellings clean, and one of the most popular devices is vacuum cleaner. But nowadays typical vacuums lose their popularity even if they are the best vacuum cleaners.

More and more people for the question "What is the best vacuum?" answer "The upright." And they are right because the upright vacuums are more flexible, compact and sometimes even more powerful than typical. They don't occupy much space, and you can keep it in the corner of the room without "damage" to the interior. And in last few years, household accessories manufacturers began producing different models and types of upright vacuums with different characteristics and abilities. That's why below you can find Top 10 best upright vacuum cleaners of 2018.


Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind UH70120

"Eureka" seems to be easier in comparison with this one, doesn't it?) You can find about this vacuum reviews such thing: "it is one of the best purchases I've ever made"; "This Hoover Windtunnel cleaned my rugs like they haven't been cleaned in ages" and many similar opinions.


Shark Rotator NV800

According to vacuum cleaner ratings, Shark Rotator NV800 has taken the second place after Dyson Animal 2 as the best upright vacuum cleaner. It is a compact, versatile, and efficient vacuum cleaner for floors and other surfaces. Make your home clean with the help of this device.


Miele Maverick U1 Twist

I have already mentioned the rating of the best upright vacuum cleaners. Well, the Miele Maverick U1 Twist has gotten the third place, and with Dyson Animal 2 and Shark Rotator NV800 is the top 3 upright vacuum cleaner today. If it is hard for you to pick one, you can read the reviews first and then make a choice.


Eureka Brushroll Clean AS3401A

This one of the best vacuum cleaners has such long and complicated name. Its AirSpeed system and enhanced cyclonic action separate dust particles from air flow and keep filter cleaner. Its brushes clean all types of carpets deeply and provide a safe cleaning of bare floors.


Bissell PowerGlide Pet 1646

According to vacuum cleaner ratings, Bissell PowerGlide Pet 1646 has 4.1 of 5 stars. It has pet tool, crevice tool, and extended-reach hose for full-stair cleaning. According to customers` reviews, it is "…one of the best vacuums around," so, take a point about it.


Eureka AirSpeed Unlimited Rewind AS3030A

Another Eureka vacuum cleaner that, perhaps, could be the best upright vacuum cleaner nowadays. It has automatic 27-cord rewind and AirSpeed Technology to move more air and remove dirt with deeper cleaning. People who want to "fight with" allergy can find a high-efficiency allergen filter.


Bissell PowerGlide Cordless

That's a great thing to read upright vacuum reviews of customers while you are choosing one of them. In a case with Bissell, you will find such types of testimonials "very satisfied with this vacuum" or something like that. It can lift off canister to get to stairs, corners or even a car easily. Moreover, it can provide a multi-surface cleaning.


Kenmore Intuition 31140

Easy to use and a little bit old-fashioned Kenmore Intuition 31140 2 has motor system and Power Flow technology. It is one of the top rated vacuums according to customers` reviews. It also includes such accessories as Pet Handi-Mate Tool, Combo dust, and crevice tool.


Dirt Devil Razor

According to the name Dirt, Devil Razor just must be the best vacuum cleaner of all times. However, it has 10 ft. extended reach hose with removable cleaning wand and bonus tool pack including 2-in-1 crevice & dusting tool, powered stair/upholstery tool. You can clean everything with this vacuum cleaner.


Dyson Animal 2

Often vacuum cleaner reviews help us understand which of the vacuum cleaners is the best. In a case of Dyson Animal, you can meet such reviews as "this vacuum cleaner is something of a beast" or "I absolutely love it." Nothing better than such opinions shows that Dyson Animal 2 is made for tough tasks across all floors.