Best Music-Making Apps For Beginners

At all times, music was one of those things that everyone liked. Today there are a lot of opportunities to become a perfect singer, music maker or music producer. And you can start improving your music skills right now, without special courses, tutors, and schools. All you need is your phone.

Today almost all necessary things you can complete using only your smartphone and music is on that list. To make your own beats or samples, you don`t need to go to the studio, use only your app. Mixtapes, tons of samples and beats can now be on your smartphone and you can use it in a second. Create, share and find everything you need using a couple of apps – pretty easy, isn’t it? We have created a list of best music apps for beginners to show you which apps you should use to start making your own beats and even melodies.



Have you always wanted to make your own music but you didn`t have a garage and a band? You actually don`t need them because GarageBand will provide your phone with a set of musical instruments and ability to create music everywhere and at any time. Probably, this is the best music software for the iPhone that you will ever find.


Simply Piano by JoyTunes

Not just another piano app, but one of the best apps to learn to play the piano for beginners and music making software free without useless options for pro-players. There are a great number of songs from Yellow Submarine to Numb. Install and enjoy the piano right on your smartphone.


Sing! Karaoke

Among free music apps, there is one that will make your dream come true. A lot of people love to sing, but only a few of them do it well. Modern technologies can make everyone sing really amazing. Install Sing! Karaoke and sing your favorite songs, use sound effects, record your own music videos and connect with 50M+ people around the world.


Music Maker Jam

It is really one of the best free music making software in the App Store and Play Market. You can create unique tracks and sounds, mix different songs and samples. There are more than 200 music styles packs available. Make and share your own tracks and find new masterpieces using Music Maker Jam (this app for IOS and Android).


Ninja Jamm

It is free music making software makes possible to jam songs and playbacks and share your own jams with others. There are available more than 40 electronic ninja artists. Download this definitely one of the best music making apps and create your own music in a couple of minutes.


Magic Piano

Was it always your dream to play the piano? Then you're lucky because Magic Piano is the best free music app to start playing the piano right now. You can play your favorite songs, create own music and improve your playing skills for free.



Does your child love music? Then you should download Loopimal, that is the best music production software for children. It has a kit of basic beats and sounds to let your kid create melodies and rhythms. Each melody is connected with an animated character who dances with the music.



Here is one of the best music making software that you will really like. It has kits of colors, textures and shapes and each one of them connected with a unique sound or combination. You can create your own scape that will sound unlike any other. You can combine them into playlists, save or share.


DM1 – The Drum Machine

For all fans of drums, this music maker free app will provide access to drums 24/7. It has 154 electronic drum kits and a pretty impressive graphics. Use drum machines and create your own beats and melodies. It is very easy to use and has a great collection of samples. It is rated as the best drum app for IOS.



I believe this is the best beat making software for iPhone on the App Store. It was made simple and incredibly awesome. By using it, you can create your own beats at home, in transport, or even sitting on a toilet. All you need is to install Figure on your phone and start creating.