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Founded by Dave Grohl of Nirvana after the death of Kurt Cobain, Foo Fighters quickly gained the fame and were called one of the best alternative bands. The band has recorded 9 studio albums, all much loved and revered by the fans and critics. All albums combined have sold 30 million copies globally.


They knew how to turn that old school grunge into a modern, loud and great rock. I can say I like 95% of their entire discography.

This band can kick some ass! Dave Grohl is a genius, he makes the songs amazing with his vocals, and guitar. Even if he's screaming his balls off, or slowly and softly singing the song, it will come out awesome. This band is amazing live! You'll get what you paid for, and more. Overall one of the better bands of this generation.

Simply the best band since the 90s. They're always doing awesome albuns and their shows, what can I say, they just really love to play and Dave Ghroll is an fuc#ing amazing artist!

I put the Foos solidly in that group of what I call "B" rated artists. They have made a lot of really good music that is fun to listen to but they aren't necessarily great. They have some post-grunge classic songs but have yet to make a great consistent album.

Some amazing stuff but some really grungy overrated 90s tracks mixed in.

I'm as stupidly guilty as anyone of dismissing these guys as formulaic... or whatever. But all Dave Grohl ever does is make f#ckin kick ass albums full of kick ass, awesome music. He's a rock god with an amazing habit of surrounding himself with fellow geniuses. Take the 20 or even 50 best songs by this band and compare them to any other band's 20 or 50 best songs and the Foos absolutely stand with anyone.

Right... I know many artists are more profound. I know many surpass them lyrically, and demonstrate greater complexity. But nobody in the post-grunge era demonstrates the ability to rock hard with clever, thoughtful, skilled and catchy tunes like the Foos. These are the guys Nickleback dream to be. The Foos carry the rock and roll torch into the 21st century.

Foo Fighters: One of the, IF NOT THE MOST TALENTED AND VERSATILE ROCK BANDS of all time. Dave Grohl and the boys, crazy talent, and THEY KILL IT, TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME! F#$KING AWESOME!

I own every Foos albums. I've seen them live a number of times. For me, one of the best bands of all time.

Can't think of better way to compliment Nirvana by going on for as long and as strong as Dave has taken them. Coolest guy in rock music.

Deserve to be higher, probably one of the greatest rock bands of the last 20 years.

The Foo Fighters' longevity and ridiculous amount of success are Dave Grohl's answer to Kurt Cobain's despair at rock and roll's limitations.

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