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It took these guys only one album to prove that they are among the best modern rock bands. 4 years after the formation of the band, they reach huge popularity, all thanks to the Hybrid Theory, which was a true revelation for the critics and those who love a good sound. The band emerged with nu metal and alternative music and the album sold 11 million copies, reaching the Diamond status.

The band was pressured by the fans who wanted more of the same and Meteora came out in 2003, following the same metal pattern and gained huge popularity. Linkin Park started touring and headlining many festivals worldwide along with the most famous musicians. Minutes of Midnight was a big turn towards more classic rock sound and band members confessed that this is what they feel comfortable with. Next albums were even a bigger step towards a lighter sound which was controversial, yet the albums were selling magnificently. LP music featured in movies and games.

2017 for Linkin Park is known for the release of the seventh album of the group. It is notable that we will not hear heavy drums and riffs as we are used to. The guys have reached a point in their career when they can sing whatever they like and still have millions of supporters purchasing their albums, creating full artistic freedom for experimenting and trying out the new look of the band.

Which albums do you like the most? Would you prefer hearing old songs or more into the recent creations of Chester, Mike and Co? Share your opinion in the comment section created specifically for the Linkin Park.


When I hear the word "mediocrity", I think of Linkin Park.

This band has it's highs and lows. When it has it's highs, such as Hybrid Theory, Meteora, or Minuets to Midnight, I find this band's high energy and loud music enjoyable. As for it's lows, such as A Thousand Suns, I find it hard to listen to some times, such as how they have so many instrumentals such as, The Requiem, Empty Spaces, Fallout, and many more. Living Things in my opinion is in the middle. This band is amazing live. If you ever get a chance to see them, go. Overall this is a good, not quite great band. And I don't understand why this band gets so much hate.

Rips of NIN's already hilariously bad lyrics, little musical talent besides that

Hybrid Theory was awesome when I was 14, so nostalgic points for that, however, anything else by Linkin Park is simply awful.

Their first two albums were the peak of Rap-Rock, Nu Metal or what have you. They are ultimately the best at that scene but refuse to play it anymore and just cant find where they belong but maintain status with catchy pop rock songs but I think they have potential and always have just cant seem to make a full album of it. Loved these guys when I was younger but everyone grows up. Little Things Give You Away best song and more what they should chase after

Linkin park is basically not good enough to maintain the popularity they had in the early 2000s.

So overrated. How many songs about anger can a band have? There's some musical talent here, but they need to spend many sessions in the counsellor's office before they can write about something else besides pain, loss, anger and how the world sucks. Maybe lock them in a room with Elmo?

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