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This Seattle-based group is one of the most popular alternative bands with more than 60 million copies of their albums sold, 32 million of which were sold in the United States. The band performs since 1990 and never experienced a shuffle of the members, retaining the same musicians in the ranks.


Part of the soundtrack of my youth (begin of the nineties), for that alone I give them almost an A+ but I'm not a great fan of their later work, but Backspacer again is more than promissing.

Yes you can listen to a lot of bands that sound like Pearl Jam now because there are a lot of bands that have tried to copy the Pearl Jam sound. But they were and continue to be innovators. Ten is one of my favorite albums of all time but I don't want another Ten every 2-3 years or that would get boring. The best thing about Pearl Jam is that they continue to challenge themselves to find new things and along the way they challenge their fans too. No Code and Binaural are much better albums than they are given credit for because they take time to sink in.

Ten is a decent album. However, Pearl Jam is not anywhere near the top 25 bands of all time. They don't produce any of the mind numbing garbage that floods the radio, however, they excel in doing nothing remarkable.

I'm sorry I waited so long to see them (1st time last year), they're a great show, can't imagine how much better it woulda been 15 years ago. My fav studios; Vs. Ten, Vitalogy, Backspacer, Yield, No Code then the rest.

Pearl Jam's first three albums are vital. The rest... well... I guess if you're a fan, they're decent. There's moments of quality on each one, but they don't resonate like VS, Ten and Vitalogy. Those three made Pearl Jam 90s icons. Screw Ticketmaster.

Pearl Jam started off strong with their first album Ten. After that they had two good albums with Vs. and Vitalogy. No Code came after Vitalogy and it was decent but after No Code it was pretty much no go for Pearl Jam. The only good album after No Code was their album Pearl Jam which was released in 2006. The self titled album was a good attempt at a come-back album but it didn't quite pan out. That being said, I would recommend Pearl Jam as a solid 90s band but not a great 90s band. Best Pearl Jam albums in order are; Ten, Vitalogy, Vs., No Code, and Pearl Jam. Binaural is definitely their worst album.

"Ten" is one of the best albums of all time, but it's been hit and miss since. Any band that releases an album like "No Code" cannot be ranked 100/100. Their live presence cannot be ignored; Vedder brings as much energy today as he did in 1991.

Eddie Vedder's solo stuff is awesome. Ten is awesome, and a few things later were awesome. Their live releases around the early 2000's were awesome because they are a great live band (only listened and watched DVD). Hope to see them live someday.

One of my favorite bands and Ten is one of my favorite albums. I love how they keep things fresh and challenge their fans and themselves. Their official bootlegs are probably their best albums as they are a classic live act.

Pearl Jam is a performance band. Even though none of their albums are the top of my chart, they would be if I were to make a band chart. It seems the latest album you listened from them is always the best one. They have been so consistent.

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