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How do you distinguish a representative of top modern rock bands? 30 million album sales should help you out a little bit. These English guys from boys’ school showed the world how the real music should be played and became the gods to the music community. The artists themselves mentioned that the influence behind their music was rock, electronica, and even hip-hop. We will have to thank big artists of those styles for inspiring the Radiohead to achieve what they have already and presenting to us some of the best albums in history.

Thom Yorke, the lead vocalist, is the main person behind most of the lyrics and songs and he is the one who created magnificent stories that we still can’t get enough of. Releasing “Creep” in 1996 instantly made Radiohead a known band throughout the world and their third album only increased the popularity. This is the band that was quick to gain the fame and never lets it go, unlike many other quick-born stars, known by only one song. Radiohead guys pressed on and kept creating music that got people by their hearts.

Guys have produced 9 albums so far, collaborating with artists, producers, and orchestras. Top quality content is a deserved landmark of Radiohead and the iconic look of the band members. The sound that they manage to extract from their instruments is sometimes beyond comprehension and that is what we love about these Brits.

What do you think about this gem of alternative music? Are you a creep and a weirdo and not afraid to sing about that publically? Let the community know in the comments! We’re sure there are millions of those who will gladly share the feeling with you.


Musically, I think Radiohead is the best band of all time. Bob Dylan is my overall favourite artist, but the sound that Thom, Jonny et al. create on their albums is second to none. Also, I consider Reckoner to be the best song ever recorded. 1. In Rainbows 10/10 - Reckoner, Videotape, Jigsaw Falling Into Place 2. OK Computer 9.5/10 - Karma Police, Paranoid Android, Exit Music 3. Kid A 9.5/10 - How To Disappear Completely, Idioteque, Morning Bell 4. A Moon Shaped Pool 9/10 - True Love Waits, Daydreaming, Identikit 5. The Bends 9/10 - Street Spirit, Fake Plastic Trees, Talk Show Host (B-side) 6. Amnesiac 8.5/10 - Life In A Glasshouse, Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box, Pyramid Song 7. Hail To The Thief 8.5/10 - There There, 2+2=5, Sit Down Stand Up 8. The King Of Limbs 7.5/10 - Lotus Flower, Codex 9. Pablo Honey 6/10 - Creep (srry Thm)

Easily the most critically acclaimed artist since The Beatles, and their sparkling consistency shows it. They never really needed maturing, but they did grow as a group from album to album so that fans of all genres could eventually grow to love their music. Key Albums: Amnesiac, OK Computer, Kid A Key Songs: Pyramid Song, Paranoid Android, True Love Waits

I have to thank this band for introducing me to so many genres of music. Starting of with Pablo Honey they had a fun sound with some catchy grunge songs. The bends rook that idea and made it 100x better with better songwriting and much better performance from the band and Amazing production. OK Computer might be the best album ever. Kid A is my favorite record, in Rainbows is One of the most Well balanced albums ever with no bad song. A moon shaped pool was a sign that radiohead stays great even after 23years

One of the few bands to consistently change up their style and evolve in progressive, surprising, and innovative way.

They already are one of the answers for top three bands ever, judging on their nine albums, live performances, their many beautiful songs, interesting tracks and sounds also. As impressive as any band ever for me. No one touches them in the past 25 years, they have been through so much. The fact that they are still pushing to make great music with something new 23 years in to releasing albums is nothing short of absolutely amazing. All other bands are set in their ways with the sounds they make before then usually. But with A Moon Shaped Pool their latest album, they have gone orchestra heavy, where they haven't really done that before on other albums. They have used old and new ways of recording, pulling off a stunning album. If you look at Radiohead's best albums, the sounds are so impressive, but the lyrics and voice is also there. Many bands struggle to pull all of this off. OK Computer is the best example of pulling everything off, starting with those impressive riffs on Airbag... To me it's like Radiohead have 120 plus great songs including B-sides, out of their 160 songs. They are the most addictive band, it's hard to find faults for the quality they put out. Just look how many songs in their 20 most rated songs have 92 or more, but then go even further and look at the ratings for each track on the albums. Definitely not a band you could make a top 20 favourite tracks for...

Radiohead is one of those bands that you can always rely on to make at the very least a decent album. The worst album is Pablo Honey, and even that album is their debut. Kid A is my favorite album from them, but it could easily be any of the albums on their discography for anyone, as their track record is regarded as one of the best.

No band has EVER been as consistently perfect in just about every way since the very beginning as well as maintaining that perfect track record to this very day except Radiohead. Not even Pink Floyd of the Beatles can claim that. Never has a band ever changed their sound with nearly every album to as stunning results as Radiohead. They're always so different, constantly evolving, in an excellent way, from heavy-hitting guitars with solos to electronica-heavy ambience. In the course of 12 years m, Radiohead put out 6 albums, 4 of which are some of the greatest ever recorded, and easily make my top 20 favorite albums of all time: The Bends, OK Computer, Kid A, and In Rainbows. I could go on and on about this band forever so... yeah. Perfect score from me, probably my all time favorite band, everything is perfect, yeah, yeah, and yeah! -Also on a side note, A MOON SHAPED POOL WAS AN AWESOME ALBUM! ;3;3;:

They are for me my favourite band hands down and what I consider the best. It's no shock that I love nearly all of their 160 odd songs including many great b-sides. They cover every sound I love and look for in music, from hard rock, soft rock, electro, dance, pretty much any sounds they have made through out their career. Not even Pink Floyd or The Beatles had this range of sounds, The Beatles never truly rocked as hard as they could. They don't have songs such as Paranoid Android, Just, There There, 2+2=5, My Iron Lung et cetera... Then there is the lyrics, the meaning is also there, they aren't just making these sounds for the sake of it like some bands do because they need a change. Like when you hear the song Kid A, they actually made the song sound like a kid. They also have a ton of beautiful songs through out their albums, Fake Plastic Trees, No Surprises, Exit Music, Nude, Weird Fishes, Daydreaming, Codex, Sail To The Moon, How To Disappear Completely; the list goes on and on I assure you. There's just so much to write about, astonishing body of work from Radiohead, even with their latest album A Moon Shaped Pool, with the cinematic strings and sounds. Still pushing themselves 24 years on after making albums. May it continue for a few more albums I hope.

Ok Computer and The Bends are great albums. Kid A is good. Is it enough to somehow make them objectively better than anything musical that has ever graced the planet? Nope. They are a good band, and certainly innovative, but don't feel like you need to be 'wrong' if you aren't that into them. Some people will tell you you're wrong (watch this space for all the 'unhelpful' votes), but hey - it's not Thom Yorke's fault that his fanboys are a pain. If you put them aside though, you can hopefully appreciate the band for being talented and creative, without all the pretension their fans inject into them.

Did you know that the band took their name from a school chum whose frizzy hair was particularly impartial to static electricity and he would get interference from mini cabs?

Tempted to say,a bit overrated as a whole since I don't really enjoy everything they make a whole lot and I can't defend the sometimes awful fanbase,that blindly defends everything they make. That being said,some of favorite records are their creations,including my all time favorite. Because of that,I can't really rate them anything below a perfect score.

(See other comment) Well, I sat down and listened to In Rainbows, and it is now my 4th favorite album period. Nude is one of my favorite songs, and House of Cards is easily the worst on that album, but everything else is 10/10. These guys are freakin' ridiculous. If you still haven't given Radiohead a fair try, listen to OK C, In Rainbows, and Kid A. If you don't find something that totally floors you, there has to be something wrong with you.

Don't get me wrong I think they are a great band, but how on earth are they second on the list of greatest artists of all time? They're above Pink Floyd, David Bowie, and Bob Dylan for Christ sake!!! Radiohead are in my top 20 favourite bands, but 2nd is a joke. For anyone who reads this and loves Radiohead, I would highly recommend listening to similar, but better artists like Pink Floyd, The Smiths,and Pixies. One more thing, if I was being ultra critical of Radiohead I would have to point out how everyone believes they are diverse in genres and originality. It doesn't matter whether they are grunge, electronica, or jazz, the majority of their songs are slow to mid tempo, and are very miserable, on the most part for no particular reason. I've been listening to Radiohead for 20 years, and I still haven't figured out why Thom Yorke is so miserable. I've figured out why Morrissey and Ian Curtis are miserable, because they have been articulate in their lyrics. Rant over. By the way I do love Radiohead, they're just not the second greatest artist of all time. NO WAY!!!

I have to admit that this is one of the greatest bands of all time after re-listening their albums. Electronic to grunge, Pablo Honey to King Of Limbs, some songs that you could repeat 100 times and not get tired of them. I can't say that this band or the 1000 overall albums are overrated, they just have the recognition they deserve. And yes, this is just a classic, and to think the 21st century is a bad time for music is wrong when Amnesiac, Hail To The Thief and In Rainbows are there.

They are God like for making OK Computer and Kid A, but also for making The Bends, In Rainbows and other albums with high quality songs. Their top quality range of sounds, Thom's lyrics, his beautiful voice, their chemistry as a band and the way they demand your attention to listen is part of their greatness... When you make songs such as Paranoid Android, Karma Police, How To Disappear Completely, Pyramid Song, Reckoner, Weird Fishes, Creep, Street Spirit (Fade out), Fake Plastic Trees, Everything In Its Right Place, There There and so on, then I think you deserve all the credit you get. Not many bands of the past thirty years has such a range of songs but to such a standard, hence why their four biggest albums are rated the best of their respective year and in the top three of the decade. I don't think there is another band who has rocked as much as they did on their debut album and live, then has mutated so much with sounds and genres. They are the band that has searched the hardest in recent years. They are a religious experience live too!

I feel unfit to post my opinion of Radiohead. I've been listening to them for just over seven months. If it were up to me, I would have every album of theirs by now, and I would've bought them in order of release date to listen to their progression. Alas, I started with OK Computer. I listened to it all the way through, and wasn't immediately in awe of it, but after just one more listen, I was hooked. So far I own (in order of my personal favourites), OK Computer, Kid A, Hail to the Thief, and Pablo Honey. After listening to OK Computer for four months straight, I then listened to Hail to the Thief five or more times before listening to Pablo Honey around the same amount, now I own Kid A. After listening to each of these albums, I only have one thing to say to anyone who has not listened to Radiohead before; look up the style of each of their albums, then decide the best one for your taste, then buy that album. It's best to listen to an entire album, rather than the singles because you become more immersed in the music, and can appreciate it more easily. For the most part I think that people who say Radiohead are overrated, or just flat out terrible, don't really listen to their music, and don't listen to it enough. I'll be honest, the first time I listened to Kid A, I wasn't sure what to think of it, then, I really made myself listen to the music, and I found more appreciation for it with each listen through. Radiohead isn't a surface band, they aren't pop, where everything is spelled out for you, you have to really think of where they're coming from, and try to relate it to yourself. That's the only input I feel fit to give at this point, but I don't feel like I should need to give my input, their music speaks for itself, you just have to listen closely enough.

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