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Taylor Harris or simply AntVenom is one of those famous Minecraft YouTubers who did not start their channels when the game itself first came out. In fact, Harris came to the blocky sandbox industry as a guy who knows a lot about YouTube and how the videos are supposed to be made. Starting off with a RuneScape-based channel, Taylor learned about content making and was already running his own sketch show. Later he will use that experience to create unique roleplaying Minecraft videos that are immensely popular among his audience. Speaking of which, there are 2.4 million active subscribers and 600 million views at the moment.

Provided statistical data is only a natural outcome of the activity, which includes posting videos on a daily basis. Sometimes even twice a day. Besides the obvious let’s play series, AntVenom’s Minecraft field of expertise is huge. He collaborates with other YouTubers and participates in their Roleplays, starring as himself. Harris runs 5 Nights at Freddy’s role playing Minecraft show as well as the informative series, which targets hidden or badly-known aspects of the game. As you know, the game regenerates itself every time and the number of possible topics for discussion is countless and AntVenom uses that to his advantage.

The guy is not shy about experimenting and bringing wild ideas into the game. He is also one of the best PvP and parkour players, beating the maps with ease while managing to do his authentic commentary. One of the landmarks of Taylor’s career is the victory in Minecraft Survival Games, three times in a row after the debut of the competition. Which facts about AntVenom are your favorite? Let everyone know via the comment box below!


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