Minecraft Youtubers

We live in a world, where everybody knows about YouTube. The biggest video storage of all times, containing lots of stuff, becoming a news platform, entertainment zone, and a multimedia library for those who seek knowledge. But it’s gaming channels that occupy a huge part of the whole industry. Let’s play videos, discussions, cinematic gaming videos, anything you want from these kinds of channels, really. If there is a game to build a channel that consists of millions of subscribers, it would be Minecraft and Minecraft YouTubers get a fair chunk of views and popularity. This list consists of the top YouTubers that have grown their channels through playing Minecraft.

The game itself was created in 2011 by Swedish developer that goes by the nickname “Notch”. His dream came true after he managed to finish the game and publish it with the help of Mojang. The game itself is a true wonder, a sandbox where you can create your own dwelling and survive in a world that generates itself and there is never a similar map when you start a new game. This feature allows YouTube Minecraft community to produce quality and unique content for well over than five years in a row now, consistently growing the fan base around the world.

Famous Minecraft YouTubers have tens of millions of subscribers and the content is a joy to watch. Millions of people all over the planet watch it and want more of the same, making Minecraft niche a very profitable one whilst being entertaining. Are your top Minecraft YouTubers on the list? Make sure you send them top of the chart with your votes and comments!



A former member of TeamCrafted, Adam Dahlberg, or simply Sky, is one of those Minecraft YouTubers that are among the upper echelon of quality content and subscriber count. Since joining in 2011, he has managed to entertain viewers so good that it has got him a huge number of 12 million of subscribers. His main channel has already accumulated three and a half billion views and it keeps growing with daily uploads. Adam has managed to sustain a stable rate of new releases, each presenting new content and fun experience for the subscribers.

Adam explained that his nickname Sky, or Skythekid in Minecraft first belonged to his sister but he liked his idea so much that the nickname was “stolen” and the YouTuber uses it himself. Sky does not rely only on let's plays and keeps searching and adopting new ideas for the videos. Adam uses custom maps and game modes for Minecraft to make the experience vast and diverse. He is also popular for the music video parodies since the community discovered his voice and demanded more of the same.Adam releases animated series based on Minecraft with a big amount of role-playing elements, making sure there is something to offer to the people who have been playing Minecraft since the release.

As of Sky’s personal life, he has a son Mason and a fiancee, who happens to be a YouTuber as well. Personal issues made Adam postpone video production for a short period of time. He was fighting with depression, caused by problems in the life and relationship. Today his channel operates normally, presenting more quality content daily.

MORE TRIVIA: Adam had a achololic father (maybe abusive). He dosnt like it when people cut theirselves, a reason why Sky wears long sleaves.... (he cut himself if you didnt realize) and he was in depression for a while, he was appreantly 306 pounds.

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Mitch Hughes is definitely among the famous Minecraft YouTubers and the reasonable number of 6 million subscribers proves that. A major boost to the channel was achieved once the Minecraft series were dominant among other games. It was the point when the charisma, quality content and endless stream of jokes and commentary earned a warm place in the fans’ hearts. The more subscribers he gained, even more, were following the next day. Mitch focuses on rather unorthodox gameplay, spending the major part of the time completing custom quest maps or fighting in survival modes such as Hunger Games. His exceptional ability to play parkour mods and comment everything at the same time became the highlight of the channel as even if the gameplay may get boring, it’s the commentary that keeps the views dropping to Bajan’s box.

Minecraft channel was not the first Mitch’s appearance on YouTube as he and his friend Jerome co-owned AwesomeSauceFilms channel. It started off in 2008 as a general gaming channel with a couple of hosts. Later the focus was switched to the Call of Duty series only. Quickly getting bored of CoD, the crew became interested in Minecraft and starting to work their way up from there. This led to controversial statements and opinions of the older fans but the new supporters were flocking to Mitch’s channel as he was featured in SkyDoesMinecraft’s content and was producing quality stuff himself. The collaboration led to the creation of TeamCrafted, once the most popular group of Minecraft YouTubers. Now Mitch is a member of The Pack along with some other major YouTube stars.

Hey, doods, what do you think about TheBajanCanadian? How often do you watch his videos and how entertaining are they for you? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!



If you are a member of YouTube Minecraft community, then you know who DanTDM is. His 14 million subscribers and close to 10 billion views speak for themselves, allowing us to grasp the greatness this guy has managed to achieve through dedicating himself to Minecraft. Daniel Middleton (that’s his real name) is a British YouTuber and is immensely popular in his country, winning multiple Kids Choice awards. The manner of presenting and content is appealing and entertaining for both younger viewers and seniors.

Daily updates make the fans to look for another video and know what to expect. The range of expertise varies greatly as well. Dan does let’s plays, roleplays, creates his own storylines and characters which are now famous worldwide. The newest addition, the YouTube Red, allowed him to produce his own series which contains many of the fictional characters that can be seen on TDM’s videos. Dr. Trayaurus only can stand out and get a dedicated show with a number of details and effort Dan puts in making the characters look alive and be present in the real world despite being purely imaginary and Minecraft-based.

Dan gained a lot of subscribers and fame by observing and trying out new Minecraft mods, showcasing how they work and what benefit do they bring into the game. Despite deteriorating in regularity over time, it is still one of the most wanted series that fans long for. Why are you supporting Middleton? Type your answer in the comments below and explain the brilliance of the channel, or the reasons for one to avoid this particular creator!



As one of the YouTube Minecraft specialists, Ssundee used to be a part of TeamCrafted, a group of people who play the game professionally while recording the progress and sharing it with the community. Ian Stapleton’s (aka SSundee) supporter group is a massive one, including 8 million subscribers from around the globe. That huge number of people has managed to generate nearly 3 billion views total. Note that the videos are there to stay and the count will grow bigger over time, even if Ian suddenly decided to leave YouTube and start a new chapter of his life.

Once a former military man, SSundee was playing Call of Duty and League of Legends and started his Minecraft career sometime after the release of the game. The first Minecraft-related video on his channel now would show Ian building a rollercoaster, which then would be featured on Machinima. This is how the story began. With quality and fun content, successful commentary and regular uploads, it was not long until the channel started growing rapidly. It took him about 2 years to get his first million of subscribers, and later achievements were just a matter of time given the dedication of the YouTuber.

SSundee challenges himself to compete successfully in different game modes, runs many series at the same time, updating each series on a weekly basis. This fills up his upload schedule so much that at least one video per day is posted. Quite a joy for the fans, right? Tell us what do you think about Ian and which particular aspect of the channel you like the most! Feel free to use the comment section for that.



Jerome Aceti in real life, this guy is one of the big family of great Minecraft YouTubers. He and BajanCanadian were the founding fathers and owners of AwesomeSauceFilms and kept going to the glory together, when both switched to Minecraft. Now he is in The Pack along with his friend Bajan and other prominent YouTubers. Since joining in 2011 Jerome has managed to secure himself a loyal community of more than 4.5 million subscribers with a total number of more than one billion views. While main chunk of the videos in the channel are Minecraft-related, other games appear as well on a regular basis.

JeromeASF employs a successful tactic of collaborating with his fellow Minecraft YouTubers as well as larger channels and friends. This allows him to maintain a stable influx of new people coming from the communities of other creators he has ever joined forces to create something. Jerome also does Minecraft roleplaying animation series, creating whole imaginary stories and performing the roles with his friends and other YouTubers. He has another channel dedicated to his personal life, simply called Jerome. He tells stories about his life, adventures and relationships there. He does fun challenges often with his friend BajanCanadian and posts vlogs from trips and conferences. Such diversification is a right approach for those who want to keep their audience in touch with creators and don’t let the views drop overtime.

What do you think about JeromeASF and his talent as a creator of quality Minecraft-related content? Do you enjoy the roleplaying animation series and can’t wait to hear his “Ohhhhhh, buddy!” once again? If so, let everyone know in the comments!


Captain Sparklez

CaptainSparklez, or Jordan Maron, is one of the top Minecraft YouTubers and the one who manages to combine gaming, music videos and animation, all in Minecraft setting. He has close to 10 million subscribers and a loyal community of fans that keep visiting the channel and leaving tons views and likes. Jordan makes viewers’ time worthwhile by producing quality content spiced up with entertaining commentary which makes his channel a fun experience even for people who are unfamiliar with Minecraft. If those people still exist, of course.

Jordan was posting Call of Duty videos and did work for Machinima before the creation of CaptainSparklez channel. He managed to turn that experienced in the right direction and has now released several animation music albums, which can be found on iTunes and YouTube. Each of those videos is a multimillionaire in terms of views. Despite the heavy focus on Minecraft, other games can be seen on the channel on a regular basis. This leads to new subscribers generation and views accumulation using the streams of traffic outside of Minecraft community. The channel has now recorded more than 2.8 billion views. Jordan also runs a vlog channel with regular insights on his personal life, skill showcases, and talks on the development of both channels, among the other stuff. This allows Sparklez to keep the followers engage and let them feel close to their favorite man on YouTube.

What is our opinion on CaptainSparklez’ videos and creativity? How much time do you spend watching his videos weekly? Type what you think about this particular YouTuber in the comment box and discuss the channel-related stuff with other users!



Taylor Harris or simply AntVenom is one of those famous Minecraft YouTubers who did not start their channels when the game itself first came out. In fact, Harris came to the blocky sandbox industry as a guy who knows a lot about YouTube and how the videos are supposed to be made. Starting off with a RuneScape-based channel, Taylor learned about content making and was already running his own sketch show. Later he will use that experience to create unique roleplaying Minecraft videos that are immensely popular among his audience. Speaking of which, there are 2.4 million active subscribers and 600 million views at the moment.

Provided statistical data is only a natural outcome of the activity, which includes posting videos on a daily basis. Sometimes even twice a day. Besides the obvious let’s play series, AntVenom’s Minecraft field of expertise is huge. He collaborates with other YouTubers and participates in their Roleplays, starring as himself. Harris runs 5 Nights at Freddy’s role playing Minecraft show as well as the informative series, which targets hidden or badly-known aspects of the game. As you know, the game regenerates itself every time and the number of possible topics for discussion is countless and AntVenom uses that to his advantage.

The guy is not shy about experimenting and bringing wild ideas into the game. He is also one of the best PvP and parkour players, beating the maps with ease while managing to do his authentic commentary. One of the landmarks of Taylor’s career is the victory in Minecraft Survival Games, three times in a row after the debut of the competition. Which facts about AntVenom are your favorite? Let everyone know via the comment box below!



Pat, or PopularMMOs certainly qualifies to be among the ranks of the best Minecraft YouTubers. A tiny bit less than 12 million subscribers and a staggering number of 8.2 billion views do their job and raise the guy up the YouTube ladder, allowing him to reach the top. It might look impressive that a channel that emerged only in 2012, but the upload frequency can do miracles. Pat manages to release videos on a daily basis, sometimes even more. This keeps subscribers immersed to the guy’s work and never get tired waiting for the new video. It would take a lifetime to watch all his videos but they really deserve the attention.

As far as the content goes, PopularMMOs distinct pattern can be seen from a mile. He puts a lot of effort in creating epic mod showcases, where he breaks down all of the aspects of the specific release and how good or bad is it. Pat implements mods into his let’s plays, enhancing the experience for himself as well as for the audience. He also has his wife Jen featuring in the majority of his videos, which results in a unique and fun commentary. He is famous for creating Mob and Arena Battles as well as new maps and showing people the best he could find on the web. This allows him to keep the channel fresh and to attract new viewers daily without a fear of running out of ideas or losing the subscribers.

What is your opinion about PopularMMOs and the quality of his content? What do you think about him sharing the spoils with his wife and the channel changes since the marriage? Let everyone know in the comment box right below the description!



If you’re talking about top Minecraft YouTubers, Minecraft Universe is definitely a channel to include and keep in mind. Originally hosted by Jason Probst and his friend Branson, only the former is active today and Minecraft Universe is his independent realm. Despite a very young age (born in 1997), Probst has managed to sustain a stable profit from his YouTube channel which is known by the name of TrueMU. It now has 2.5 million subscribers and a bit less than half a billion views. Add monetization and ads to the equation and it is no wonder that the guy now owns a luxurious Aston Martin.

The wonder story of Jason Probst started in 2010, when he, being a 13-year old boy started a channel. But it would take two years to post the first video of playing Minecraft. This was the beginning of a career a schoolboy can only dream about. Remember when parents told us gaming would never earn us a single penny and it all was for nothing? We salute you, Probst, for you might have changed the opinion of millions of parents around the world. Along with delivering top-notch content. He focuses on a lot of things on his channel. Probst does adventure playthroughs, creates Minecraft-related top 10 lists, spends ages playing parkour maps and much more. Oh, and the puppy videos.

He collaborates with people like SkyDoesMinecraft and Deadlox and was a member of TeamCrafted. As of today, his main focus is Vision Squad channel, where he and his best friends are killing time, exploring the uncharted worlds of Minecraft and adding fun commentaries during the whole process.



SkyDoesMinecraft’s friend, Ty Ellis is one of the best Minecraft YouTuber, if you’ll ever try to find one. He has left a huge mark on the Minecraft history, founding the TeamCrafted which later was joined by many top YouTubers of the niche, famous for the quality content and fun commentary.

Many people often compare Ellis and his pal Sky. If you do that as well, you can see that Deadlox is more calm, less expressive and generally runs his videos smoothly, while his friend is the screaming and yelling machine, reacting to anything as if it was his last day on the Earth. Ty can burst into the rage mode as well, but less frequently though. He often plays Epic Jump maps with his friends, increasing the popularity of his own channel by merging the subscribers of all people who participate in one video together, providing benefits for all members.

His audience is now more than 2 million subscribers which have generously gifted Ty 250 million views on his main channel. He also plays random games on a different account and cooperates with the Vision Squad team. So you could easily imagine how many people this guy can reach out to while producing his videos. Though being in his 20s, he already has a daughter named Lyla and is a caring father. He shows his kind nature by cooperating with his subscribers as well, letting them into the aspects of his life and calling them Dead Army or Banana Army. Which way do you like to be called? Let everybody know in the comments below and show your support for the Deadlox! If you avoid the guy, specify the exact reasons for that, let people hear your opinion.

BlueXephos (Yogscast)


Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online pseudonym PewDiePie (/ˈpjuːdipaɪ/ pew-dee-py), is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer. He is known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, PewDiePie originally pursued a degree in industrial economics and technology management at Chalmers University of Technology.

Go see "Game Theory: How PewDiePie Conquered YouTube" for proof.

saw a vid. said he would delete his channel when it hits 50 million.

Let's just be honest here: if you can become one of the most famous people on Earth and make tons of money by simply playing video games and talking over them, wouldn't you really keep doing it for the money? I know I would, but then again, he's getting money because he has so many fans, so, he must care for his fans in order to make money so easily. :P I can pretty much say the same thing for Markiplier and Game Grumps, even though they can actually care for their fans a bit more genuinely, as they are no where near as popular as Pewds.