The Best free Email services of 2018

Since the moment when people invented writing, in half the situations they used to communicate by letters. In the twentieth century, people invented a telegraph that helped them, at that time, save a lot of time, sending letters by telegraph, and not by postmen. But in the 1990s, people created the thing that changed the world of remote communication. After the invention of the Internet, mailing became possible to communicate with people all over the world in a matter of seconds. And today we decided to make a list of the most popular email providers. Many people have the question "What is the best email service?", but there is no right answer. Each person has his own preferences and requirements, so it is impossible to answer such a question. Below are just free email services from really simple to services that we can call messengers, but in any case all of them are extremely popular.



Yandex.Mail is an email service with the largest number of free email accounts in Russia (even more popular than It provides various features, such as an unlimited number of mailboxes, a system for protecting against spam and viruses, access to mail from mobile devices, calendar, schedule, tools for working with letters in the web interface (for example, viewing "office" documents).



In recent years, Gmail has become one of the most popular and best email services. This is very practical to use, because Gmail was created by Google, so all Google applications and extras (such as Google+, Google Tabs, etc.), which are extremely popular these days, are automatically linked to your Gmail account.



ProtonMail is one of the few free email providers that has an end-to-end encrypted mail system. It was created in 2014 at CERN (yes, the guys who created the Large Hadron Collider). If you sent emails from ProtonMail to e-mail addresses other than ProtonMail, you can optionally send them as plain text or through end-to-end encryption.


iCloud Mail

Definitely the most unique and probably one of the best email services these days. iCloud Mail, and it's understandable, uses a cloud-based storage system to provide email communication, which is really convenient and safe. This absolutely innovative way of mailing is becoming more and more popular every day.


Zoho Mail

Zoho is a free email service that gives you the ability to run multiple email accounts at once. It has a social networking style, can be integrated with your social media. In addition, you can create notes, events, and tasks using Zoho Mail. Each Zoho Mail review describes its advantages and comfort.



Global Mail eXchange, or GMX, is a popular email service in Western Europe. You can register a free email account with a choice of .com, and .us, among many others. Currently, GMX Mail has more than 11 million active users, mainly in Germany and the UK.


AOL Mail

Another free email service that was purchased by Verizon Communications. AOL has several exclusive options compared to other services, for example, 4 domains or an AIM panel with a full buddy list, as well as indicators showing the presence of online buddies, as well as shortcuts for sponsored popular websites.



Microsoft could not stand aside from free mail services, and that's why in 1997, created its own service. Over time, this has become not only a mail service but also a personal information manager, which includes a calendar, a task manager, a contact manager, notes, a journal and web browsing. Microsoft continues to develop it every year and make it more and more useful.


Yahoo Mail

The Yahoo email service was one of the first among email services that became popular all over the world. To tell the truth, the last couple of years have not been brilliant for Yahoo! and, in the end, led to the purchase of the company by Verizon Communications. Despite this, Yahoo Mail is still very convenient and useful mail service.


Inbox by Gmail

Gmail has become such a popular and powerful email service that it began creating its own email apps. Customers have commonly called Inbox Gmail one of the best email applications in the last 5 years. It checks the inbox email and collects emails related to the same general topic to an organized bundle with a title describing the contents of it.