Top 10 Most Reliable News Sources

In this age of internet prank culture, fake articles a dime a dozen, “alternative facts” that people enjoy touting without citing sources, and what we can all agree is a controversial political climate, if nothing else, it’s difficult to find news sources you know you can trust. You might be reading a preposterous article on what seems to be a legitimate website, only to realize halfway through that’s it’s one of those satirical blogs, or worse, just spreading fake news deliberately with clickbait titles that people share without even reading the article through. Now, more than ever, you need to know that the stories you are reading come from credible news sources. While this does require some research on your part, it’s also easier than ever now to verify a story. Here are our top 10 picks for sources that hold themselves to an admirable journalistic standard, be it left leaning, right leaning or neutral.


The Associated Press

Selling to an estimated 15,000 news organizations throughout the world, The Associated Press is impossible to avoid if you’re looking for straight facts. Although they do not have a subscription model for the everyday person, they do have a significant social media presence for you to follow.

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The Economist

Undeniably one of the best news sources in the market, The Economist has been in the game for 150 glorious years. Determined to always put out only the best most factually accurate stories for its readers, The Economist is one of the most trustable sources available.



While not a news organization per se, Snopes has been delivering as one of the best independent news sources out there. It’s up there with the most unbiased news sites on the internet, calling out everything from strange urban myths which it’s known for, to news organizations that have been doing this for years.

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While certainly not one of the first to come to mind when thinking of the best of its kind, everyone has still at least heard of Reuters. They’ve managed to stay relatively underground as one of the least biased news sources available. Reuters has upheld a strong moral standard for itself, despite pushback from critics.



The BBC has been setting the bar for the best-unbiased news worldwide for almost a century now, and many in the States wish our news stations could replicate the format the BBC has come up with, along with the reputation it has garnered for them.


Wall Street Journal

Although often cited as a right-leaning organization, no one can deny that this household name is one of the most reliable news sources still standing. The WSJ has the largest circulation for any newspaper in the United States, and it has won several Pulitzer Prizes for upholding their journalists to the highest standards.



National Public Radio has always been known as a left-leaning source, but they’re also known for relaying the facts right. While not the most unbiased news source, it is in contention to be the most accurate news source. NPR’s team of journalists have received praise from both the left and the right.


New York Times

What is probably the most talked about and read newspaper in the country, the NYT has built itself quite a reputation when it comes to reputable news sources. Despite being a left-leaning news organization, the NYT has never strayed from being the most factual news source in the United States.



Doubling as an organization that provides wonderful children’s programming while being a reliable source of news in its own right, PBS is one of the most trusted news sources by both the left and the right. This is special because it’s quite a rare occurrence for people of all political affiliations to agree on anything.



C-SPAN streams House and Senate sessions live for the public every day. A common misconception that’s perhaps been holding the station back is that the government has a hand in the organization. While not a news source, it’s no doubt a great fact-checking tool with its unbiased unedited clips.