Deadlox from Minecraft Youtubers

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SkyDoesMinecraft’s friend, Ty Ellis is one of the best Minecraft YouTuber, if you’ll ever try to find one. He has left a huge mark on the Minecraft history, founding the TeamCrafted which later was joined by many top YouTubers of the niche, famous for the quality content and fun commentary.

Many people often compare Ellis and his pal Sky. If you do that as well, you can see that Deadlox is more calm, less expressive and generally runs his videos smoothly, while his friend is the screaming and yelling machine, reacting to anything as if it was his last day on the Earth. Ty can burst into the rage mode as well, but less frequently though. He often plays Epic Jump maps with his friends, increasing the popularity of his own channel by merging the subscribers of all people who participate in one video together, providing benefits for all members.

His audience is now more than 2 million subscribers which have generously gifted Ty 250 million views on his main channel. He also plays random games on a different account and cooperates with the Vision Squad team. So you could easily imagine how many people this guy can reach out to while producing his videos. Though being in his 20s, he already has a daughter named Lyla and is a caring father. He shows his kind nature by cooperating with his subscribers as well, letting them into the aspects of his life and calling them Dead Army or Banana Army. Which way do you like to be called? Let everybody know in the comments below and show your support for the Deadlox! If you avoid the guy, specify the exact reasons for that, let people hear your opinion.


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