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Mitch Hughes is definitely among the famous Minecraft YouTubers and the reasonable number of 6 million subscribers proves that. A major boost to the channel was achieved once the Minecraft series were dominant among other games. It was the point when the charisma, quality content and endless stream of jokes and commentary earned a warm place in the fans’ hearts. The more subscribers he gained, even more, were following the next day. Mitch focuses on rather unorthodox gameplay, spending the major part of the time completing custom quest maps or fighting in survival modes such as Hunger Games. His exceptional ability to play parkour mods and comment everything at the same time became the highlight of the channel as even if the gameplay may get boring, it’s the commentary that keeps the views dropping to Bajan’s box.

Minecraft channel was not the first Mitch’s appearance on YouTube as he and his friend Jerome co-owned AwesomeSauceFilms channel. It started off in 2008 as a general gaming channel with a couple of hosts. Later the focus was switched to the Call of Duty series only. Quickly getting bored of CoD, the crew became interested in Minecraft and starting to work their way up from there. This led to controversial statements and opinions of the older fans but the new supporters were flocking to Mitch’s channel as he was featured in SkyDoesMinecraft’s content and was producing quality stuff himself. The collaboration led to the creation of TeamCrafted, once the most popular group of Minecraft YouTubers. Now Mitch is a member of The Pack along with some other major YouTube stars.

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