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CaptainSparklez, or Jordan Maron, is one of the top Minecraft YouTubers and the one who manages to combine gaming, music videos and animation, all in Minecraft setting. He has close to 10 million subscribers and a loyal community of fans that keep visiting the channel and leaving tons views and likes. Jordan makes viewers’ time worthwhile by producing quality content spiced up with entertaining commentary which makes his channel a fun experience even for people who are unfamiliar with Minecraft. If those people still exist, of course.

Jordan was posting Call of Duty videos and did work for Machinima before the creation of CaptainSparklez channel. He managed to turn that experienced in the right direction and has now released several animation music albums, which can be found on iTunes and YouTube. Each of those videos is a multimillionaire in terms of views. Despite the heavy focus on Minecraft, other games can be seen on the channel on a regular basis. This leads to new subscribers generation and views accumulation using the streams of traffic outside of Minecraft community. The channel has now recorded more than 2.8 billion views. Jordan also runs a vlog channel with regular insights on his personal life, skill showcases, and talks on the development of both channels, among the other stuff. This allows Sparklez to keep the followers engage and let them feel close to their favorite man on YouTube.

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