China from Most Hated Country in the World

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China, officially the People's Republic of China (PRC), is a unitary sovereign state in East Asia and the world's most populous country, with a population of over 1.381 billion. Covering approximately 9.6 million square kilometres (3.7 million square miles), it is the world's second-largest state by land area[ and third- or fourth-largest by total area.[i] Governed by the Communist Party of China, it exercises jurisdiction over 22 provinces, five autonomous regions, four direct-controlled municipalities (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Chongqing) and the Special Administrative Regions Hong Kong and Macau, also claiming sovereignty over Taiwan. China is a great power and a major regional power within Asia, and has been characterized as a potential superpower.


Pakistanis are the most disgusting people in the world, but chinese would be a close second. Both the bubonic plague and covid 19 originated in china. Chinese are so filthy and repulsive they eat fundamentally disgusting things like cockroaches and rats. China is a fucking breeding ground for diseases, that's how squalid it is. Slit eyed chinese deserve every hate crime, murder, and racial slur directed at them. They think they're the most superior poeple in the world because they're economy is second largest, but when they move to europe or america, reality hits them like a slap in the face. The west and the middle east hate china, in addition most asian countries including India, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines hate china. Chinese were among the most hated nationalities before COVID. After covid every day there's a hate crime against the most evil filthy ugly people on this planet. FUCK CHINESE PEOPLE!

Japan is an amazing country only people who feel low and insecure don't like Japan. China and the CCP and the CCP virus is the worst form or war that has ever happened in human history. I hope aliens come to take out the CCP and all their communist leaders. Japan would kill china in a war. Also now I feel many including the chinese citizens would rather be ruled by Japan than the CCP. Mao deserves his soul to be destroyed. Chinese citizens must stand up as they did in the 50s and over through their tyranical system. If not Trump will come back to destroy their leader She She Ping.

why is china trying to steal korea's culture? y r they saying Son Heung Min is Chinese? y r they saying Kinchi is chinese? y r they saying Hanbok is chinese? Y r they saying korean(language) is from China? Why r they stealing their culture? Maybe they cant because they dont have anyone who can make their own unique fashion/cukture.

Nuke this country.

I have met so many Chinese in my life, they are ALL rude and mannerless. since kindergarten, they were ALL Rude, their government can't agree on anything because they are so stubborn, they try to flex yet it becomes embarrassing, they steal other's culture, their's hygiene is poor, IN MY OPINION, hong kong people have manner, they are smart. THE PROBLEM IS THEY ARE STARTING TO GETTING A CONTROL OVER HONG KONG NOW!!!! Chinese CITIZENS are fine, they are really really hard-working, but if It comes to rich, immigrant or government, THEY ARE SO SELFISH AND FILTHY

These disgusting eating rats have a delusion of superiority. They bully their neighboring nations and have oppresses its citizens. They have literal slaves in their country and support the shithole that is North Korea. They are the cause of coronavirus and hide it from the world. Their stupidity and arrogance cause the virus to spread around the world.

China has been at war with the United States for years. COVID is a bio-weapon that China has used against the United States and the world. After living and working in mainland China, I realize that the Chinese people are fantastic. However, the PRC is evil and I look forward to its fall. China and the PRC represents evil and are a threat to the world. Nuke China NOW!

this country is a joke. not only being a modern Nazi by wiping out certain ethnic but also has no respect. all they can talk positively about thier country is big land and too many chinese that are just like animals. they have zero morale and have no respect on copyright. they steal intellectual property and make similar chinese version right away. because by doing that, they don't need to contract with original creators. also look. everything china touches becomes shit. look at tiktok, league of legends, blizzard, etc. the world has no more trust in chinese companies nor chinese leadership. look at Zoom. the company run by chinese ceo banned hong kong activists and sent americans data to china. never trust chinese. china is by far most hated country for sure, nuke those animals

Communism is a root of all evil causing Covid 19.

Unleashed a virus on the world on purpose and lied about and along with all their censorship and social credit system if it stayed in China who cares but you can visibly see the decline in American TV shows, Movies and Video games. Things are removed to appease china.

world is better off without china.

China is the worst country in the world!

hey va-china, die. go burn in hell. you disgusting race and ethnicity that stole and killed everything from every cultures. The whole world should unite and cancel all the debts to va-china. isolate this shithole of a country. no trade no buying anything with them. let them be north korea. I would love a cooperated effort of countries around the world to bomb this shithole to dust. But that would cost the entire humanity. The best way to treat them is to treat them like North Korea. At least North Korea keeps thing for themselves, not like this bully who wants to steal everything from everyone.

Chinks are copying western technologies and trying to attain hegemony. Chinks must not use products the U.S. invented. Chinks must not use the internet. Chinks must not use computers, cellphones and wearables. Chinks must not use air conditioners. Chinks must not use refrigerators and freezers etc.

China, they steal islands!! Even sea!! They always claim someone's or should I say country's territory. They are hella fuck up,

Disgusting, powerhungry and scheming shithole

Can we also acknowledge the genocide of the ethnic Uyghur Muslims by the Chinese government? By the way no hate to any Chinese person reading this, you guys are some of the nicest people I've met, it's just the government that needs a kick up the ass

America is the worst by a mile. Look at the disgusting viewpoints clearly held by small minded Americans, I feel disgusted reading a paragraph, imagine being subjected to their world views entirety.

People criticising China and heaping praise on Japan. That’s rich given how much Japan did during WW2, I guess racists stick together. America worst country in the world for sure. Awful people.

It’s important to remember that there is a difference between the people and the government. While the Chinese people have provided great achievements to the planet, the PRC has not. Of fact the PRC represents evil. To call the Chinese people monkeys may be a racist comment. But to refer to the government of China as evil is not racist. It’s 100% true. If anybody calls you a rasict for comments against the government, they are an idiot (and are probably racist). Once again, screw the government of China and the PRC!

WHY ARE PEOPLE SO MAD AT OTHER COUNTRIES? HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO CHINA? HAVE YOU EVER LIVE D THERE? OR DO YOU EVEN HAVE CHINESE FRIENDS? if u haven't so, u have no right to talk about China. Apparently, you don't know anything about Chinese cultures, values, backgrounds or histories. And you guys are all racists. No matter what nationality or what skin color they have, whether that's yellow, black and white, they deserve equal amount of respect. you can't just go around saying 'Slit eyed Chinese deserve every hate crime, murder, and racial slur directed at them.' You are just making the problem bigger with your inconsiderate words.

Is there any mod on this website? ROFLMAO

Japan is an amazing country only people who feel low and insecure don't like Japan. China and the CCP and the CCP virus is the worst form or war that has ever happened in human history. I hope aliens come to take out the CCP and all their communist leaders. Japan would kill china in a war. Also now I feel many including the chinese citizens would rather be ruled by Japan than the CCP. Mao deserves his soul to be destroyed. Chinese citizens must stand up as they did in the 50s and over through their tyranical system. If not Trump will come back to destroy their leader She She Ping.

Great people of China. We encourage you to rise up and rebel against the PRC. The PRC is the most evil government in the history of the world. Mao is the largest mass murderer in history, killing over 50 million of your countrymen. The PRC enslaved and imprisoned over 20 million citizens for having the wrong religion. The PRC steals technology from businesses and nations to repress the Chinese population and bully the world. The PRC only has one official alliance, and that’s with North Korea. That’s correct, only North Korea because the rest of the world hates the PRC. Time to stand up and fight against the most evil government ever!

bucuse they started a world wide paindemice

Because they r being bullys

Don’t be racist my guy every country has their negative things don’t be rude to every country or people that are not your problems dude this doesn’t mean i hate you or i hate japan or korea it’s just that was racist don’t became a racist guy be good a little

Authoritarian genocide.

投快乐老家一票,免得输给日本 呜呜呜,我的国家太不行了,完全是专制独裁,没有前途。我们应该全盘接受美利坚的民主自由、普世价值,这样才有出路。生命诚可贵,爱情价更高,若为自由故,两者皆可抛!呜呜呜,还是美国最伟大啊!只有拥抱民主自由,才能像人权灯塔美国一样,把六十万人送入永恒的平静。

They lie, they cheat, they’re an awful culture and country.

Chinese are very good people. Only the Chinese Communist party is bad. Don't blame the Chinese for this. I am not Chinese but still I am saying it. Even my country has some great border issues with China and my country is situated in the south west of China. Fuck the CCP but not the Chinese people. Their innocent people are tortured and brainwashed by the CCP government. That's why they may be rude but I never believe in all these rumors. I wish that soon the people of China will do a revolt and overthrow the CCP government.

Man you guys are angry over some human man china is cool but stop giving them hate because you only care about yourself dumbass

Criminal monkeys

China is a bully. CCP is masanthropist


So much racism. Hard to agree with such myopic and hate filled views.

Great country- the only one who can counter white supremacy in the planet. Invented ketchup, paper, magnets etc- invented the tea you drink and the China cups you drink it from. Beautiful scenery, beautiful people. People who hate in China are either 1. White and have not visited. 2. Succumbed to White western media, or 3. Possess a very interesting form of intellectual blindness akin to severe retardation. Nobody who has visited China will vote this up- ultimately, it is not China dropping bombs on your nations. Anyways, hate doesn't matter because all westerners do is speak and not act. So it's probably a good thing so many people are distracted putting other countries down as opposed to helping their own failing nations (USA)

Ayo they did not create the virus tho

I swear to God I love China so much one of the best countries ive ever visited. The Shanghai Municipal Library is still the most fascinating place ive ever been to but bro wtf is up with that shitty government . They make usa government look like angels . They are absolutely evil and ruthless the muslim camps are terrible i can’t believe that it actually exists . Top 3 most racist countries and could be even 1. Chinese ppl are mostly rude and racist but some of them are nice. Also its a 50/50 country the good places are the best but the bad ones are an absolute shithole i don’t wish for anyone to Come upon them

There are so many hate comments here oop. I mean I can't blame them and for those saying that china is innocent check the news. It's stealing stuff all over the world and the country is known for it's fake stuff. Not really mad at the china or its government (i am not blaming the innocent ones) but disappointed. Hope China doesn't do the bad stuff they did again and take responsibility for whatever the country will do next.

Japan were enslaving the Chinese during world war 2 and attacked the US unprovoked, they were awful, awful people, only really got away with it because of being in Germany’s shadow. Also you really think Japan would ever forgive what the US did in response? They are driven by honour and have held on to the past through dynasties, if any American thinks Japan likes them or cares for their opinion, you are deluding yourself.

The women have sideways vaginas

MESSAGE FROM THE MINISTRY OF STATE (我们的) 25,245,264 Social Credits have been removed from your account! Bad work citizen, Do not publicly disclose your opinion which can make our holy state look bad. Glory to the Chinese Communist Party!

Does anybody like China except for Chinese?

Communism is the worst practice they've ever contributed to this world.

filthy stinky animals

The most hated nation

Ok so basically, i dont really blame the people of china its the crappy government and president (communist counrty) the people here are bloody brainwashed and have no power to fight back

First of all, you can’t say that every one of China’s 1.2 billion people are like that. Yeah, people can be slit-eyed, but you get Caucasians with eyes even smaller and besides, how does that make them evil? They don’t control the way they look. Most of time the people are really nice and just uneducated about other cultures because many Chinese tourists are poor older people, who would jump at the chance to see another country for the first time. Also, most of the time (again), it’s the government that feeds good Chinese people false info. I know an old Chinese woman who gave a homeless single father with two starving children her own clothes, food and money, even though she herself was already poor and had two kids to take care of. Yes, Chinese products can be bad, but what would you expect when you mass produce a product with a huge demand and little time? There are many problems with the way China does things, but EVERY country has those types of people. Life in China can be great if you stay away from politics, social media and live in a nice city or town.

so true!

Absolutely indian mother fucker

They torture and abuse animals to an extent that is almost perverted. It’s like they have a lack of empathy in their brains.

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