India from Most Hated Country in the World

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India (Sanskrit, Hindi: भारत, Bhārat) is the largest country in the Indian Subcontinent located primarily in South Asia, and shares International borders with Pakistan to the north-west, China and Nepal to the north, Bhutan to the north-east, and Bangladesh and Myanmar are to the east. Sri Lanka lies to the south, Maldives to the south-west and has maritime boundary with Indonesia to the south-east of India in the Indian Ocean. The Republic of India is the seventh largest country in the world by area and, with over a billion people, is second only to China in population, although its much higher birth-rate makes it likely to reach pole position in less than ten years. It is an extremely diverse country, with vast differences in geography, climate, culture, language and ethnicity across its expanse, and prides itself on being the largest democracy on Earth.


India is the worst country in the world,indians are the most stupid people with the most stupid religion they literally drink cow urine and carry cow waste across the ports,they still believe in illogical myths when the world have been advanced,they even don't use toilets and half the country shits anywhere they want,more over they have radical RSS and always opress minorities like sikhs,jains,muslims and Christians ,india has been constantly violating human rights in kashmir,india is so much hated that indian flag is used to describe P*NIS(male private part),worst place for women, daily Hundred of women are raped killed and abused,indians all have extremist mindset muslim a significant minority is constantly being crushed,they are the best gamblers in the world many international companies have policy that no indian employees are accepted here,most of the frauds done in Europe are committed by Indians,Indians are scammers beaware of them!

Indian Are Disgusting! They Spread Lies And Believes In Bulshit! They Are Radical People In The World

people use hand to eat shit

Oh enough ! you guys are talking about only the negative things about india because that's all you have seen. before 1000 or 500 years india is the world's richest country with richest spices , diamonds , silks and more . If u guys didn't invaded our country on early periods still now our India will be the most richest country ... And finally I have to say one thing first learn each and everything about India and then you can give these hate comments and also ofcourse we eat in our hand it's our culture just mind your business it's none of your business we are a Indians we' ll take care of it

Don't judge our country by hearing what other people's say we also have neat places ...... Let me ask u a question have u ever visited India ? What do u know about our country? Do u know any of our history ? Have you ever heard about Indian monuments? You guys only know how to judge not to praise them not only india other countries too every country is a great country ... Just go and learn about india . I have wasted my time by talking to people's like you guys shit .......

Do you know why These ten countries are most hated because they are so great countries just becuz you are jealous

Fuck indians they are idiots

fuck the racists india is the best country dude

Best country ever ♥️???????? All the haters are just fatherless ????

I can agree. As an Indian. I also know about India, But you cannot disrespect the flag.

Hi there, I'd like to say this opinion was written horribly and was very very racist. I am Indian And I hate the way people talk about India. What if I said stupid Americans are obese with stupid and racist minds. These acts are utterly stupid and I wish to never live there. what a trashy place to visit. I'd rather go and visit the U.K even though they caused the war between Pakistan and India? I'd rather not stay in America where people are racist, nasty, ill-mannered, inappropriate, and trashy. India can be rich in many ways such as population, culture, food, spices, joy, palaces, kings, and more. there are many nice places to visit in India such as Rajasthan which if you go there you will feel like your royalty. Internet always shows the bad side of countries and almost never the good sides. First of all, I'd like to cover up your reason that they drink cow urine. No, they do not only villagers do. and if they do carry cow dump it's okay to say that they use it for cooling their houses down for poor people that live in the villages of India. Also, Greek people STILL believe in myths and so does America like ghosts and other stupid stuff. third, they do not shit wherever they want and all that's covered in shit is the person that wrote this article below. If you believe that they do it must be in villages in Pakistan or India. India does not use any cruel acts to lower any sort of problem INCLUDING THIS PERSON THAT WAS WRITING THE ARTICLE BElOW. And you ignorant people think the flag is dirty? The only thing that's dirty is you. It means The saffron color indicates the strength and courage of the country. The white indicates peace and truth. The green band represents the fertility, growth, and auspiciousness of our land. Dharma Chakra depicts the "wheel of the law" in the Sarnath Lion Capital made by the 3rd-century BC Mauryan Emperor Ashoka. Yet you guys think that it represents a penis. I agree that they don't have good women's rights but so do other countries. Last but not least the frauds were done in Europe not INDIA. AMERICANS DO A LOT OF NASTY THINGS TO. They do not spread lies. the only person spreading lies is the person who wrote this article below. Also, they do not Eat shit/you. I have experienced a lot of racism and I conclude that every country should be nice not create fights and have hate against each other. Just like Americans and Americans. JSYK I did not mean all of that my point is to make you realize what it would feel like if I said that about your country.

Indian may not be the best but they are better then many countries India is better than in many ways.

I went to India for three days only and I swear I’ve never been to somewhere worse most of the stereotypes about this country are true it’s super super super dirty there’s trash everywhere in the street they don’t even have trash bins they’re also unhygienic most shower once in a week or two people there are so stupid they literally worship cows and they eat some disgusting shit I don’t even know what it’s called and it’s so unsafe especially for women they still have the highest amount of rape cases till this day and they are the absolute most racist people ever like literally ever. India was actually named the most racist country and I couldn’t agree more slavery in India is still legal till this day and they still have more than 20 million slaves in 2021 let it sink in 20 million slaves in 2021 but they are good at computer science though

India is a country of diverse cultures and the birth place of great religions. It's has always been the land giving rise to scholars and wise people. Yes, some people abuse women and some people are unhygienic but that doesn't mean that most of the indian population is like that. These evil people constitute a very very minor part of the population. Each and every country on this planet has this kind of evil people so you cannot just blame one country for these matters. I am sure that your country also faces these kind of issues. Moreover these were great issues during the 90's because India was just liberated from the British colonial rule which completely ravaged and destabilized the whole country. So it is pretty much sure that it will take a pretty long time for a huge country like India to stabilize. Today, in this present time India has 90 percent of sanitation cover and our laws are strict enough to control and eliminate any kind of crimes. Indians never suppress minorities, it is the world specially the Europeans who are racist towards Indians for a very long time and even today in this modern world when we are advancing in technology it has been an issue. Shame for all these kinds of people. Indians are not frauds and gamblers, it is the others who always try to cheat and loot Indians and when they are not successful they impose all these kind of lies over Indians. Each and every one in this world fears India because they know that we have the capability to surpass everyone and emerge as the greatest nation in the world both economically and militarily. And they should fear Indians because we will be very soon kicking everyone's ass. Each and every indian is proud of his/her's culture and tradition and believe in God. Where most of the world is becoming asthesit we are still holding on our traditions. It's our wish that we eat our food with our hands. Who the fuck are you to advise us. It's our wish how we will stay and live. So we don't need your fucking advice. Stay the hell out of our way. It's my message to all the haters of India. God bless India ????????????????????????????????????

Well there are many living in India for granted and very ungrateful. Thank god and I proud to be indian that Indian have contributed a lot. From maths business and space and lot more. Oh yes sanskrit mother of all languages. What you have given and hate and jealousy ????????????????

dear stupid haters im flattered that we are always a trendy topic in your life.

Its women are as disgusting and ugly as their dumb Hinduism and dirt everywhere. There has never been a "nation" more trashy than India. It is a genetic waste bin and its women are the most digusting creatures on this planet. I would rather be raped by a hyena on steroids than kiss an indian woman, like for instance that ugly, dumb fuck and polit whore KAMALA HARRIS. All the indian disgustingness is in her face and on her skin and in her genes.


Bruh this is too of the British era when people were exploited, I hate this propoganda. F you Britishers. So negative about such a great country.

If u wanna critisize india at least do not make fun of their tradition :(

this is the worst country and people are disgusting here and the country is dirty this is the worlds most disgusting and dirty country

Indians r the most stupid people on earth, half uneducated and half worshiping cow sh*t. Their has to tell lies to boost their self esteem and these coward people still think that their malnourished army won wars with neighbours.

Haha, let me tell u, before saying against cow pee firstly go and ask ur father, when he suffers constipitation, wat medicine he uses. The vegetable u eat can't grow without fertil soil, and fertiln soil can't be prepared without cow dung. Secondly india has now very less crime rate, at last, muslim com living in our country, protests against gov., Challenge constitution, they say that we'll make gajwa-e-hind. Also 70% of rapes are did by that com. Underworld mafias in india are all (approx.) muslims. In kashmir thousands of Hindus were killed, the jihadis living there are pure terrorists they use to kill soldiers as a result they get so.

INDIA HAVE A BEST CULTURE ALL OVER THE WORLD..... WANNA SAY FOR THOSE WHO ALWAYS BUNK CLASSES INSTEAD OF STUDYING. MILK is the primary source of nutrition for young mammals before they are able to digest solid food. Immune factors and immune-modulating components in milk contribute to milk immunity INDIANS ARE SO SWEET AND VERY HELPFUL

India is best country, all religions are peacefully living, dont believe Pakistanis who are writing shit about India, infact in rape statistics India docent even lie in top 5 , eating with hands is more hygienic than eating with spoon, science proven, judiciary sues the person if such violence happen to communities, after alll their are bad people in every country.

Actions have Consequences. You screw with people coming to India you will be shamed publicly! India is a sick country full of rapists, psychopaths. They are mental cases who live in filth filled with noises so loud I am surprised the darn place is still standing. Screwed up and willing to be the most hated dick heads in the world!!! Whacked out to the point of extinction. Brainwashed to believe that eating Cow Shit and drinking Holy Urine is going to help cure them of a strange condition called being India. I am writing this review on behalf of an unbelievably stupid individual calling himself Emmanuel from Bangalore. What a stupid cunt to get a name from a fucking grave stone. I guess he thinks it's a Cow's name from the holy horse shit manuel!LOL. Crazy bastards are so noisy they deserve to be writing a new Psychiatric manual especially for India. India my friends is uniquely positioned to take top spot. The worst and most twisted population by far. Show me another race bathing in Cow shit and drinking Piss to cure themselves. Even the most remote tribes of the world would shiver at the very thought. HOLY COW! I wonder at times if anyone in the world is noticing that this stupid country is going backwards while, defying gravity. They are so stupid, I squirm at the very thought of their stupidity. The Dodo was a genius compared to these dick heads. Bangalore is so dumb it is a disgrace to foreigners. It ain't the Silicon Valley it should be renamed Shitsville. Full of filth and shit where the lakes are so toxic they catch fire. Rowdy crowds and crooks to guard a dilapidated reputation that is only second to their stupid heads. Bangalore needs a squad to clean up the streets of people who are stupid enough to shit and piss everywhere not to mention the odd stray dog that might be fortunate enough to give you Rabies if you get lucky. India is Unique and so is their Cow shit and Dog Piss or whatever!!! HOLY COW! Please upvote these dumb morons. They need help. It is a Human Rights Crisis, they are diseased and rabid.

I am from India and I think you need to know more about this country. I think you are the product of that father mother whose condom has teard while doing sex. Indian will put cow urine in your mother pussy. So that she can't give another child like you told your father to use best condom while doing sex. So that he can't produce child like you motherfucker. And fuck your sister too. I know you have read it. Go and give best quality condom to your father. F*** your whole family.

This was so rude we are not stupid and Hinduism is not the stupid religious and we don't drink cow urine why everyone think that the person who written this I want to meet that people in one room where no one is there mofu sis fuc kings of idiot just wanna meet him and want to punch him or her four time 2 times on butt one on main point and one on nose

Most of the stupid & narrow minded people, Kills millions of people for establishing Hinduism..

Everyone in this comment section is stupid we were the richest country before britan and also scams are everywhere what about scams in Nigeria? scams in the uk? and scams in France? You people always visit france but there are scammers there but yeah the muslim thing is an issue

I as an indian wish nothing but peace to you all . Hatred is all spewed in this world. To be the most superior is what you care about It gives a sense of pleasure to abuse others dosen't it.? My friends of different race cast gender and origin We are all but humans do you not see life is journey .We are not the body but the soul and moksh is what we should follow . This anger and resentment are evils you have given home to in your heart . I say if you hate india ,so be it. Hatred is in your own mind which i cannot cure. If i cant give i will fold my hands and wish you happiness and joy. But i will always welcom life with love and respect. P.s. to haters Chup bosidike

For those who claim that India is a trash country, as an Indian, I cannot deny that because I have witnessed it myself, however, you must also accept that the British occupation is the cause for this. You can think to yourself and say here we go another pity excuse about stinky disgusting india, they should man up, stop fussing and get on their feet, The British pillaged India's natural resources amounting to almost 45 trillion USD over the course of 200 years of imperialism. The Spanish, Portuguese and French also extracted so much resources, and as a result, they are the richest countries in the world now whilst India is one of the poorest nations per GDP per capita, a disgusting remnant of a once prosperous nation. The entirety of Africa underwent similar ordeals. Look back in history, India (including Pakistan and Bangladesh) was once a rich and prosperous nation, clean and hygienic, and one of the leading countries in the exports of architectural design, species, and textiles. Although those days are long gone mainly due to the British Empire, who capitalised it and turned their crap lifestyle filled with tasteless food with spicies pillaged under induced slavery by themsleves, india is bound to bounce back. India is set to once again become one of the richest nations in the world by the fall of the 21st century, surpassing the united states where most of the hate towards India comes from due to their exposures to disturbing photos and stasitics of india concerning poverty, rape and so on. On the topic of rape in india, it is an issue that needs to be resolved, India is not perfect, no country is, corruption is a big issue in india much like in the united states and china, where certain people are benifitting from this digusting and horrific rape and prositution industry resulting in many innocent women scarred for life, or dead. However, those in charge or this industry are those of foregin syndicates in western nations who run sex trafficiking industries in third world nations like india, espescially in France, a country notoriuous for its lack of control over this illegal industry. To hate india for this issue is appropriate, however understand the reasons why and dont take anything from its face value, cause the facade can greatly ulter what is truely going on inside. Religion and caste is a big issue in india, the British Empire from which those in the united states descend from are the cause for this. In essence they wanted political instability in India as well as nearby Sri lanka to keep india from prospouring. They acheived this by establishing a harsh caste system negating growth in society from those in lower castes, and conflict to occur amongst hindus and muslims. I would like to say that they're are some real racist hindu bastards cruel towards muslims, however they account for a small percentage of hindus. In reality, 90-95% of hindus in india are not racial to muslims, and are fine with them, even though they may not like them,they do not importantly hate them. The British in their withdrawal from India, bastardly appointed Cyril Radcliffe, a person without any information on the religious and social reprucssions it would cause from his discesion to draw the borders separating two parts of india at the time, one into a Muslim majority territory and one into Hindu majority territory. As a result two rival religious factions were inducted, setting the stones for hate towards one another, due to the selfishness of the British, causing poor relations amongst the two relations. To hate one people religion is very rude, all though Indians drink cow pee, they do it for a reason, much like how foriegn powers did incest in the name of staying pure blood since it was mentioned in the bible, or preisits reguarly sinning whilst not supposed to. Us Hindus can say this about Chistianity, however we choose not to criticise other people's religions since we know how much you respect your religion like we do for own hindisum as questionable it may be, and to disrespect like you haters are doing repetadly is very rude indeed. Im only saying this for westeners to undestand the issuess with India and the history behind them, but you are criticising essentially what you're ancestors have done, contradicting what you westerns stand for, espescially in the US.

I am Indian but India is most powerful second country high education powerful army and large 2 position population in the world Pakistan Bangladesh and nepal is so poor country and more china USA so one powerful country in the world India India India everything have India 15 smart city high ecological and most 5 economy country indian is 7 rich country but poor is poor country china Pakistan

Indians are some of the most annoying & rude people that I have ever met in my life. Especially older Indian women. They think they know everything & their culture is so superior to others. India is one of the most filthiest countries on the planet. They spit, throw trash and poop in public at any time. No one cares to preserve the ecology or beauty of natural landmarks. It makes no sense to me how they worship the Ganges yet make it one of the filthiest most polluted bodies of water on the planet. Also they are the top scammers, they scammed my elderly father claiming he owed the IRS!!! Indians are dirty filthy people, most of them also hate the fact that they are brown and wish they were white like Dinesh D'Souza.

Indians are greedy and pretend to be kind people until you get to know them closely, you discover how perverse and racistic they are. They are also abusive and feel superior. I'm saying this after having worked with a ton of Indians in Africa for years.

Scam central

those who hate indians fuck you all mf

indians are not well mannered. they always interrupt when someone is speaking and they smell bad.

Your website is worest in the world poor men

How much people r afraid of india it's growing culture and Hindusim that their reason for hated is illogical????????????????

India May be a bad country but I’m Indian and we don’t eat poop or stuff our religion means a lot to us and I understand why you hate us but why do you guys think that the stereotypes are true it’s only for some Indians I believe that Islams and Hindus also Christians are all equal :(

Why does everyone hate India? India is a beautiful world with one of the world's best food. Also India helped us a lot in inventions.

Country of scammers. Black market, Scammer beggar, Scammer Tourist Guides, Scammer Tech Support... you name it. Scam is originated from India. Please never ever have your vacation in India.

Very true

This is a mother fucking disgusting country this country is so much polluted people drink cows Pee in the name of religon fucking disgusting ???? people of the country is also so annoying this country is a fucking bitch this country bully other country in name of power this country is a holy shit mother fucking bitch mother fuckers

The undisputed shithole on planet earth! Half the shit on planet earth comes from the dark and dirty asses of these malnourished losers. Recently, one of its shitty aircraft was shot down while intruding in Pakistan and the shitty pilot was beaten to shit and handed back. PS: They won't mind pooping anywhere, from a railway track to a nuclear reactor.

Just SHUT THE FUCK UP India is a beautiful country with beautiful people. I myself am an Indian and I certainly don't carry SHIT everywhere. I know computers and Indians are good at movie making too. STOP HATING INDIANS WE ARE JUST HUMANS NOT FUCKING ANIMALS WE HAVE FUCKING FEELINGS TOO. Whoever says India sucks you are really goddamn racist, Sure we aren't the best country but we certainly aren't assholes. So Shut up motherfuckin bitch.

Fuck those Shitdians street shitting cow piss drinking fucking retards i hope Pakistan drops a nuke on those sons of fucking whores and exterminate those fucking dick worshipping retards if i see an Indian I'm slaughtering a fucking cow ever literally they'll let their mothers die just over a fucking stupid animal delusional incest fucking retards literally the toilet of the fucking world they also ruined my country with their stupid fucking immigrants they live in such a fucking shithole so all they know is ruining other countries got almost a 4 billion GDP still the shittiest country with the poorest people on earth please for the love of God atomize this dogshit country

Torture on muslims in kashmir and india as well many time they were killed and the hindus of india not let muslim to pray and stop from celeberating fastivals and many more such these thing.

Indians have poopy brain because they eat cow poop

Cry more Pakistan ???? and White matter . We are the best and will be but we always think about world ????. वासुदेव कुटुंबकम again . My friends are angry give them lollipop ????.

Raciest country ever Very bruetal on other religion peopal

Indian is best and why Indian eat for hand becouse spoons are used many peoples but hand only our used ..

Indian scammers

Hey bitch I'm from Singapore here, how dare u can say like that India is a stupid country. India is a developing country in Asia compare to Pakistan and and other Muslim countries ok. Don't simple talk about them. I'm sure that I will report your website some from my compare ok. As a hacker from Singapore I sure that u will face allot after this. India is a only one oldest religion and language in the world. Although some people in India are poor but u can't say that India is first poor country in the world compare to Pakistan and other Muslim countries.

Bruh your a hater i hope you go to hell and your being racist bitch

They are fricking disgusting always spread lies always soooo annoying like eating with hands is so freacking nasty

Indians are so cool! U stupid dumb bombers shutup

Torture on muslims in kashmir and india as well many time they were killed and the hindus of india not let muslim to pray and stop from celeberating fastivals and many more such these thing.

Any Indian here wondering why there is so much hate. Look at your comments on China and Pakistan and you will see why. White Cock-sucking colonial sympathisers, shame on you!

Really like one of the comments above that says: "fuck the racists india is the best country dude" Simple, straight forward, and one short powerful sentence almost verbally destroy the entire human racists (except the indian racists). Nothing clean ever come out from these wife-beating-dick-sucking indian faggots' mouths. Congrats! You just won a free pass to swim in any cesspools in india and free lifetime supply of cow dungs to combat any diseases. Invite some of your boyfriends to join in, dude !

Angry impulsive chauvinists spewing hate, thinking they defending their country, but the hate comes back and hurts their fellow country people the most. I love India and her people as I love the world. I think the patriots should remember that the elephant keeps walking while the dogs keep barking. Those who hate expose their own weakness, will you lower yourself for them?


India is disgusting, filthy full of uneducated imbeciles. They are uncouth. No self respect. Think that they are smart but have the lowest iq. Full of scammers. Ugly people. They eat cow dung and drink cow piss. Countries like india makes south asia look ugly. They shouldn't exist. Poor people everywhere. They survive on foreign donation. Beggar country india

The people who say pakistan is the worst india is the worst are bitches and dicks motherfuckerssss

I know this may seem discriminatory, but I'm telling you this because it is a very important factor for many foreigners. Please hurry to improve the smell and sanitation. Body odor can also be improved by being aware of it.

Smelly and dirty, use their hands to wipe their ass holes. Worship cows, rape women.

Eats shit, drinks urine, stupid people, stupid religion, no toilets, best gamblers, scammers, radical people in the world; All these above are bullshit talks by the jealous burnt asses who are nothing but really incompetent folks.

Jai Hind

got ketchup mixed with lettuce cheese cause everytime i wake up in the morning i got burgers on my mind

india is the most greatest country in the world we never see india like country anywhere in the world we are drink urine because of cow urine is more good for health beacause we believe that all gods is have in cow kamadenuvu and and india also the beautiful country dont blame india ok

Someone's literally trying to defend why they drink urine ???? Urine is waste product don't they even know that much

I absolutely hate these people. Especially, if they were born in India. I have 2 managers who are Indian who our employees hate. They work with the NRT team and I felt so much like a slave to them. I had my shift changed and I was like “thank god.” These people need to change their attitude and understand you can’t treat people like that. May have been fine in your country, but you’re not in that country anymore. Learn how to be normal on our society. They’re total assholes (most other Indians I’ve met weren’t much better either.)

thier people are dirty im an owner of a restaurant in eu, and indian are the most annoying peoples. They eat dirty and always asking "where iss my food" every fucking 3 minutes. they always leave with a whole mess on table, food on floor etc..

Indians are the most HYPOCRITE people in the world. Everyone is literally fucked up there. Streets full of garbage and shit. Dirtiest country ever i have visited. COUNTRY OF SCAMMERS. Also their religion is like wtf. They worship cows and monkeys and i saw this from my eyes. One guy was drinking cow urine and offered me too. DISGUSTING COUNTRY WITH DISGUSTING PEOPLE AND WORHSHIPPING DISGUSTING RELIGION.

India is have both side good and bad in India or whole world muslim are worst they looted India for 800 yrs after British looted India for 200 yrs about 45 trillion dollars looted by British before Mughal Empire India GDP 35% after Mughal 17% after British 1% India have security problem but India is developing countries government doing well in security sector etc

India have both side good and bad in India or whole world muslim are worst they looted India for 800 yrs after British looted India for 200 yrs about 45 trillion dollars looted by British before Mughal Empire India GDP 35% after Mughal 17% after British 1% India have some security problem but India is developing countries government doing well in security sector India is first countries reach on South Pole by 2047 India become developed countries we already are 5 th largest country GDP

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