Iran from Most Hated Country in the World

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Iran (Persian: ايران) is a large country within the Greater Middle East and is part of the South-Central Asian Union, between the Gulf of Oman, the Persian Gulf, and the Caspian Sea. It is bordered by Iraq to the west, Turkey, Azerbaijan's Naxcivan enclave, Armenia, and Azerbaijan to the northwest, Turkmenistan to the northeast, Afghanistan and Pakistan to the southeast.


Everyone knows... They are fucking ugly Racists who don't show any sense of respect to other Religions, the Country is just too Religious belong Shias and more, even that they are supporting the most Terrorist Orginiziation in the world (Hezbollah), trying to explain how they're fighting Israel even though they are actually destroying the Middle East instead, just a fucking worthless Country who needs to get punished as soon as possible

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