Israel from Most Hated Country in the World

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srael (Hebrew: מדינת ישראל; Arabic: دولة إسرائيل) is a small yet diverse Middle Eastern country with a long coastline on the eastern Mediterranean Sea and a small window on the Red Sea at the Gulf of Eilat (Aqaba). Israel is bordered by Egypt and the Gaza Strip to the southwest, by Jordan to the east, and by Syria and Lebanon to the north. It shares borders to the Jordan River and the Dead Sea with the West Bank and Jordan. The West Bank has been under an Israeli military occupation since 1967. In addition to the majority Palestinian Arab populations living in these regions, the Israeli Government has built many Israeli settlements in the West Bank as well as in the annexed Golan Heights which are considered illegal under international law. Israel was established as a state for the Jewish people, following the Second World War. Israel is considered part of the Holy Land (together with areas of Jordan, Egypt and the Palestinian Territories). The three major monotheistic religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—all have historical ties to the region. Israel thus contains a vibrant modern history and culture, based in part on the diverse, immigrant origins of its inhabitants returning from the Jewish Diaspora. These aspects make Israel a fascinating destination for many travellers and pilgrims. As a result of this vast mix of culture, in addition to the official languages of Hebrew and Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish, Amharic and Yiddish are also spoken by a significant minority of Israelis. English in many ways acts as second language. Within Israel's recognized pre-1967 borders, about 80% of Israelis identify themselves as Jewish, the remainder classify themselves as either as Arab and/or Palestinian, Bedouin, Baha'i, Muslim, Christian or Druze.


I am dying with this propaganda! Israel is the only democracy that has free rights to its citizens in the Middle East. You people keep listening to one side and not the other. There is reason for everything an Israeli does we are very nice people and don’t kill people for no reason. We are a loving country, for instance in ANY middle eastern country WOMAN HAVE NO RIGHTS! LGBTQ+ IS BEHEADED. and you guys defend barbaric people? Stop hating because it’s a trend. JEWS were destined to this land! It is our only land. And we attempted to share it with Arabs but they tried to kick us off after WW2 and we fought back. We won the war they started and tried over 8 times to give peace treaties. Pls read more. Educate yourself it is important rather then to follow idiots! ‏עם ישראל חי????????

Israel is the most beautiful country

What the hell are these antisemetic comments

Most ruthless terrorist country ever seen..... They are no different then ISIS , they even admitted supporting ISIS and ALQAEDA... They kill kids and bomb innocents, imprison people for decades , torture them, steal their lands and homes... All their people are literally criminals ... they have no humanity and no shame ... they pretend to be god's chosen people but I am sure THEY ARE SATAN'S CHOSEN PEOPLE... If there is really an after life hope you rot in hell you terrorists just like the ISIS terrorists ... for all the people you killed and terrorized all these years ... !!! F*ck you.. You Zionist Terrorists



Israel is an abomination it should not have existed in the first place. It has occupied palastine illegaly for nearly 100 years. Killing kids, infants , seniors . Israel is an apartheid gansgster waterver country or state it is. Its by far the most hated country in the world . I really wish hitler had killed everyone of you cunts



Anti-semitism has always been an excuse to your injustices that are committed against palestinians every single day. Everyone who doesn’t know what’s happening go search about balfours agreement and see how a country who had its own people and culture was handed by brits to jews left after the holocaust. Palestinians welcomed jew refugees because palestine has always been a country with diverse religions so it didnt matter if it was jews or christians or muslims, until these refugees started murdering and stealing land with the help of the worlds superpowers. Till that day they claim their torah said palestine is where they belong. Did your torah say kill palestinians and cleanse them ethnically? I would like to elaborate that jews are not the problem but zionists are, as palestinian jews exist along with other jews around the world who support palestine even israelis themselves are starting to realize what type of sick brainwash government they got. It only takes google search to know it was always palestine until 1948 when people where striped off their identity and were prevented from entering their homelands.

Here is a country that spent 7 decades milking the holocaust while lobbying and pumping cash to work on their country’s PR, yet they managed to burn it to the ground in a 5 years timeframe driven by their prejudices and god-complex that will always force them to make unbelievably stupid and irrational moves. The country is basically an apartheid on pms.

A piece of shi country that oppresses innocent people. They have killed and tortured thousands of innocent civilians including children when are people going to realize that Isreal is a terrorist country and they need to be stopped.

This is not a country, Israelis is just a refugees that took place in palestine.

A country that shouldn't exist because they're based on lie, murdering and destroying local people homes, a bunch of wild zionists moved to Palestine and occupied the country and all the time attacking and terror people in other countries.

fuck this country, fucking murderers, and their people are just as shitty, justifying the murder and terror they impose on Palestinians

Zionist,cruel, violence,kill people


Dear HITlER … we now understand , why you left some of them … that was your biggest mistake !!! May the soul’s of innocent children rest in peace ????????

Israel is an occupation force and an apartheid state were discrimination against original people of the land is a daily practice, instead of recognising their rights Israel is killing detaining and demolishing their homes each and every day.

Fuck Israel. You terrorist scum.

Israel isreal terrorist

They are killing innocent people every single day.

Fuck Israel. You terrorist scum.




israel is terrorist

israel is terrorist

israel is the worst terrorist country

israel is terrorist

Israel = Shit Shit = Israel

A terrorist country which attacks other countries in middle east and is non NPT and has nukes, Israel obviously is a threat to the world.

Fuck Israel. You terrorist scum.



Terrorist nation and government.

Well... TBH.. Israel is the worst country I've ever visited... I think on killing of Jews by hitler was on purpose..

They kill kids and rape women and kids in their everyday life

Satan's chosen people. Fuck Israeil.

Murderers! What can I say

Fuck terrorist nation Israeil.

Satan's chosen people. FUCK ISRAEL.

Murderers, Terrorists.

Fucking terrorist people.


Fuck Israel

israel is example of pure evil they kill kids and womens they are not jews, jews are good people they are not even human fuck you zionists support Palestine

Israel = Toilet Paper

Israel = Shithole

Trash terrorist country.

israeil is a cancer, and will be removed soon.

The biggest snake in the world

Modern day apartheid

Wrong! Israel is the greatest nation in the entire world.

You guys are antisemitic and just like hitler who is worse than isis

Guys, thank you for your opinion and proving how dumb some people can be. I really appreciate that i am able to see very mentally ill people in this website sharing opinions which was given to them through facebook moms that do nothing but think covid was created by 5G. First: Israel is a jewish country, do you know who else is a jew? Jesus. You christians out there would not love to learn this but Jesus was jewish. Second: where do people get these information really? i am quite shocked people could have so much hate... you all are just- pathetic.... do you just.... not have a brain? or is this a joke? I'm actually shocked. Third: reading propaganda to hate a country will not get you anywhere i suggest you think outside the box... and maybe hopefully- you know... start increasing your smart levels.... I am very sorry for all you haters out there... and your parents ... they just have to deal with people like you.

A terrorist country with nulcear bombs a real threat to the world and non NPT.

Modern-day Nazis. Sell the "only democracy in the Middle East" quite well, but they are far from any democracy. It's an apartheid state, which continues to colonize the remaining parts of Palestine. Their only objective is genocide. People are finally waking up. They always play the "anti-semitism" card, to get people to think they are the victims, when in reality, no one hates the Jews, but it's the zionist who everyone has a problem with. They have no culture, nor any history, as everything they do or have is stolen from everywhere. Should be the number one most hated, even above China.

As an Indian I admit that Israel is the bravest country in the world. They never bombed children and killed the innocents. It is the others who tried to kill them. But they are brave enough to protect themselves. They always fight for the truth. But malicious people can never bear it and will always reffer them as terrorists. According to me the meaning of Israel is bravery and they are a living symbol of it. They are definitely God's chosen. Israelis are very nice and kind hearted to good people but are very bad to bad people. They will soon replace America as the world's greatest leader. God bless Israel !!!

i love whoever wrote the isreal hate comment

Israel is the best

They are stupid country call Israel is because of it was toilet paper and that country should never existed in the world and they kill children that was call ‘TOILET PAPER'.

You guys continue to write things about how israel is bad, but bring literally 0 evidence.

you people are quite dumb. thats all i have to say. or thats my major point. Israel doesn't want to kill Palestinians but they do bomb hamas who happens to place rockets next to school/orphanages maybe... israel prefers its citizens to other people citizens? wow strangeeee. haha reading these comments i found a nazi sympathizer surprising. whoever said"They are stupid country call Israel is because of it was toilet paper and that country should never existed in the world and they kill children that was call ‘TOILET PAPER'." you sound like a idiot. hah someone called israel a threat to the world because thye have nukes thats like calling russia more dangerous than china

I HATE THE COUNTRY NOT THE PEOPLE WHO LIVED THERE im okay with anyone live in isreal but i hate the govermant its alway serching for wars and fight with the palastinine and the arabic world it cant stay in peace for 1 day


אנשים טיפשים בבקשה תשיג חיים

Suck my dick goat fuckers, enough of your stupid ass lies. Israel is the most advanced county in the Middle East. Yet you sit and kill israelis and blame us for killing you.

you people are quite dumb. thats all i have to say. or thats my major point. Israel doesn't want to kill Palestinians but they do bomb hamas who happens to place rockets next to school/orphanages maybe... israel prefers its citizens to other people citizens? wow strangeeee. haha reading these comments i found a nazi sympathizer surprising. whoever said"They are stupid country call Israel is because of it was toilet paper and that country should never existed in the world and they kill children that was call ‘TOILET PAPER'." you sound like a idiot. hah someone called israel a threat to the world because thye have nukes thats like calling russia more dangerous than china

first of all true but second of all its not a country its nothing lol

Fucking terrorist ppl

Israel should be number one most hated country. Have been called out by numerous human rights group for killing Palestinians including children & taking their land. Apartheid Israil shame on you.

Israel number #1 ????????????????????????????????

i think Isreal should be number one on this list criminals psychopaths may you all face your karma

isreal should be number 1 most hated country criminals psychophaths

Israel think they are not doing anything bad, but I want to say that dragging women infron of her brother,husband and children is good? Killing kid that has nothing to do with it?. Israel says that we are not killing kids so are you crazy or waht, throwing bombs does not kill any one?. Can you jut not decide Palestine, not in cities but as a separate country with its own government and army. If you will do this the world will stop hating your country. Any kind of religion whether its Muslim,Christian,JEWS,etc they say that respect others to gain respect like if you give respect to Palestine the world will give respect to you. FREE! FREE! PALESTINE ???????? ♥

i feel very bad for you poor child but i agree we should have revenge WHO IS WITH ME

You stupid man we live in fucking fear every damn day bc we are scared to get kicked by the arbic or other terrorists you must be so idiot to think that we are the terrorists bc I am a 15 years old boy am scared to go to the beach bc I am scared to get shot by terrorists our army is the best bc all of the attacks that we get from Iran and other countries and we don't torture them or steal there lands or home they are in our country and we see that they are spreading and getting bigger so we are stoping that from happening bc we don't want people that aren't from Israel or jews to get in to Israel and just for you man we are giving the Arabic people a lot and you don't know shit bc let me ask you one more thing ok? If you were getting attack from terrorists what the fuck would you do ????

nah Israel is real lmao they never killed kid kids bruh their parents demand to kill the Israelites

أنا أكرههم ، فهم السبب الوحيد وراء موت عائلتي ، فأنا على استعداد للانتقام ، احذر إسرائيل ، سأصبح مقاتلًا في الحرب وأقتلك جميعًا أيها العاهرات غير المجديين

أنا أكرههم ، فهم السبب الوحيد وراء موت عائلتي ، فأنا على استعداد للانتقام ، احذر إسرائيل ، سأصبح مقاتلًا في الحرب وأقتلك جميعًا أيها العاهرات غير المجديين

This is not true dude , what you see on TV is not real, what they do is just add fuel to the fire, trust me, we're nice people, most of us at least, we don't bomb children, we never admitted to liking ISIS and ALQAEDA, they're both horrible TG, I support a two state solution.

israel is the most beautiful Evil Zionist filth apartheid country on the planet Sorry If this hurts your feelings Stealing land / Homes of others dims not cool Holding ppl in open jail is not just Kidnapping thousands of children is vile Controlling Palestine ???????? ppl cutting off clean drinking water not allowing them airport civil freedom is devil works

Israel is just bad they are just killing kids and only some are but the army are killing kids people are losing there homes last year some people woke up to bombs and some probably got killed by the bombs they took our land it’s our land

all you haters can lick the shit that is left in my booty-hole. Matter of fact lick all of our proud israelians booty-hole you fucking retards you wont understand shit unless you live here so shut the fuck up you idiots עם ישראל חי וקיים ולעדדדדדגדד ימזדיינים בתחת יא גויים שרמוטות

British Monarchy's satellite country which was built by the Ashkenazi-secular-atheists-masonic "Zionists" as the largest Jewish ghetto in order to destroy Judaism and Jewish tradition just like how Antioche IV tried to do. Actively persecutes loyal and faithful Jews who are not devoted enough for the Secular-Zionist agenda or simply refuses to bow down to it. (They even abducted and sold Jewish kids who immigrated from Yemen) But soon G-d will send Messiah Ben David to destroy IsraHell and save us, the loyal Jews, and to re establish the kingdom of Israel by the grave of G-d. Amen.

No one will ever destroy this country because God will make sure and so will the United States of America so all thoses other countries wanna keep measing around and they wilp meet the maker or there higher power

If Israel bombs Palestine its dosen’t set them in war mode but a little bombs from the Gaza Strip will set the whole Israel into war mode

It was my really pleasure to read your comments my friends! Thank you for your so favoring my country! Great to serve you! We do our best for your love!

idiot. doesn’t admit they have nukes. i rest my case

Muslims hates this country, like they hate France. But at least they're not going to live there.

The kill civilians, an apartheid state according to all human rights organization, they are savages who kill Palestinians kids , putting kids in person, theya re the worst

Because Israel do crime to children and woman. I hate Israel very-very wicked

Apartheid state. Killer of Palestinians almost daily for years. Wouldn't survive without it's other partner in crime giving it trillions each year. I long for the day it's just a memory. A bad one at that

למה כולם כל כך חסרי השכלה????

So first of, I am not in the side of anyone both Israel and Palestine are terrrrrribble. Hamas from side and Isrealian military from another. I know what is Hamas trying to do is bad but also Israel is doing worse. I, myself belive that one day will come and muslim will return Palestine. You see I don't give a shit if Israel give LGBTQ people right or it's democratic these things don't work with us like it does in Europe and other nations. And women are given rights in Middle East day by day while US is decreasing. Honestly I just hate anyone who took a land from someone with a war and help of people after Israel came , came all the troubles in the Arab nation god FUCK THEM. And to those saying don't listen to TV , well I don't but I also see pictures of dozens of kids dead did Hamas kill them or it's photoshoped with the potato circut Palestine have haha

nah Israel is real lmao they never killed kid kids bruh their parents demand to kill the Israelites

My opinion is about the state rather than country. And this state represents the most self-centered, hypocritical government meddling in other people's affairs. Terrorists themselves accusing everyone else (often falsely) of hate and terrorism.

Alle die sagen,dass Israel teroristisch ist garantiert ein Antisemit und überhaupt gar nicht zugeben wollen,dass ihre eigene Länder terroristisch sind. Ich weiß was die Talibane machen und es sind Muslime keine Juden. Juden sind NICHT terroristisch sie möchten doch nur in Frieden leben,aber da kommen die Moslems ins Spiel. Sie machen das Leben der Israeliten schwer. Erinnert Ihr euch noch an den Fall in Frankreich? Da hat ein MOSLEM einen Lehrer den Kopf abgeschnitten nur weil er eine Karikatur von Mohammed oder Allah oder wen auch immer gezeigt hat. Aber wenn jemand eine Karikatur von Jesus Christus macht machen die christlichen Menschen kein Terror,weil es keine vollpfostische Idioten sind wie die Hardcore Muslime. Das Talibanland ist terroristisch und drohten uns den Krieg. Junge so 'ne Mofaarmee kann nicht mal Zypern einnehmen (liegt wohl daran,dass sie keine Boote haben lol) Mir geht es einen Dreck an,was ihr zu mir sagt. Ihr könnt mich ruhig mit dem Tod drohen und was ihr sonst jeden Tag macht,aber solltet ihr mich tötet ist es mir auch egal denn jemand bestimmtes hatte mal gesagt "Die Rache ist mein"und ihr wisst wer das gesagt. Ich hoffe,dass ich keine sinnvolle Zeit an euch Judenhasser verschwendet habe. Möge Gott euch gnädig sein...

Thank you for proving me how dumb and stupid people can be. ????

I only like the historical places in Israel but not the people, culture and services. Sorry for being honest, it's only based on my experiences since I arrived here, most of the Israelis I met are shallow, impatient, aggressive but not violently, manipulative, self-centered, don't accept mistakes when they cause troubles (they would be arrogantly saying "Israel is the best country in the world!" instead), non family oriented and low emotional intelligence. You're unfortunate if you were a nice or good looking person, men will act more animal annoyingly. Omg they became obsess and manipulative to me ???? And for me it doesn't make sense why Israel is one of the most expensive countries in the world, most of my experiences from their services are way lower quality than the countries I've been to with way lower costs. I can't even get the services I often look for as quick as my experiences in other countries with lower cost but amazing services. When the guest or customer complains about their service and the trouble they cause, they would not accept it and would in on e. Out to me, sister is that they have the best service and again would say Israel is the best country in the world ????

يا صاح ، لم أذهب إلى إسرائيل من قبل ، لكن يمكنني شم رائحة المال. المال المال المال!!

You got that right , swines’ country

Fact every day esreal they people whith no reasson espeacialy sociaty I think esreal is no one for sure 99% esreal people and goverment are horrible they are eaten pple in real life


I guess most people in the world are against baby killers and Genocide

The people of Israel need to take their government to court.

Best country in the Middle East.

Israel is afake country the land there belongs to the Palestinian people


me my mom, dad,sister, brother

America in the Middle East. Settler colony with a white supremacist society. Committing genocide on Palestinians, but also non-white Jews. Like a 19th century imperial power that needs to be smacked down.

First of all Israel don’t kill kids and second of all so you hear yourself right now? Fucking bitch cannot understand shot about it ducking nigger monkey

*grace of G-d


Some of yall need to start minding your own fucking business????

disgusting murderous country. sick and deranged. stolen everything it has and murders anyone or thing it feels like on a whim. Never suffers any consequences for its war crimes and crimes against humanity. this abomination of a state is the worst thing humanity has ever done

People don't support Israel only because their nazis and they hate Jews. No one believes that the country is innocent because they're racist. There's nothing Israel can do, and I have a huge feeling that the Arabs are going to take over the entire world. Killing everyone, like in ww2

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