Serbia from Most Hated Country in the World

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Serbia (Serbian: Србија, Srbija) is a country located in the Balkans, in Southern Europe. It was a founder and one of the six republics of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. It is surrounded by Montenegro to the south, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the west, Bulgaria to the southeast, Croatia to the northwest, Hungary to the north, Macedonia and Albania to the south, and Romania to the northeast. It is situated on one of the major land routes from Central Europe to Turkey and further on to the Near East.


Serbia is beautifull country with beautifull people and always bad president... Kosovo is Serbia

KOSOVO JE SRBIJA ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

As someone from serbia. Fuck serbia, fuck kosovo, fuck the balkans, some of the most narrow minded shitheads in the world

Kosovo isnt sebia please stop saying that

Kosovo isnt sebia

Serbia sucks! I hate Serbia! Serbia doesn't support any, but supports Serbian-speaking countries and Russia, so screw it! Serbia is the worst Southeastern Europe country ever and the worst Balkan country ever!

Bro wtf is wrong with these people, Serbia should be on 1 cuz this Country is pure Trash fuck serbia nigger nigger nigger Kosovo Republik Kosovo ni je serbija fuck serbia mad donkins tryna get back their land nigger Kosovo je Albania

yes its true am living in turkey they are very rude and narrow minded they cant speak any other language apart from theirs even though they call themselves europeans even when they are speaking casually you will think that they are fighting with you

Nah, Serbia is cool. Like us (Bulgaria), they’ve got a shit government though. ????????????????

The bully of the Balkans.

serbia isnt kosovo stay mad

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