South Korea from Most Hated Country in the World

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South Korea (한국, 韓國 Hanguk), officially the Republic of Korea (대한민국, 大韓民國 Daehan Minguk) is a country in East Asia. South Korea occupies the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, with North Korea to the north, China across the sea to the west and Japan a short ferry ride to the southeast.


I hope Japan kill all the gook and enslaved all the women because all gook are fucking ugly with slant eye, bowl cut dick head, they face just make me disgusting the only way to make them beauty is plastic surgery and they are all look the same. Discrimnate all the dark skins and Southeast peoples, Ignorant gook think they are the origin culture of all east asian, Being enslaved by Japan and China made them dream all days, Every day they brag about how prosperous their culture is, no one care they shit culture. when you delve deeper, they are a bunch of inferior people who take pride in drinking poop wine and eating a bunch of peppers with cabbage

I am tired of South Koreans, They are too stupid to realise what they are doing is making people sick. If you want to get the small island in Japan. why dont they file the case to the international justice court? Japan has asked for that many times, If they want to have S Korea protected without paying a penny, why dont they treat American armies nicely? The American ambassador was assaulted for no reason. If they truly believe S Korean women were forced to work as sexual slaveries. why cant they show evidence of forced labor? Japan has paid too much money. more than they deserve, S korea should pay the same amount of money to Vietnamese who were atrociously raped and killed by S Koreans during Vietnam War. I also hate their audacity to mess around universities all over the world by pretending they are the most trustable victims, Dont use authorities for your own ethnical satisfaction.

Korean people tend to mix all of the things up with entertainment, art, sport politics and historical problems. They have asked Japan to apologize about comfort women for long time but Japan officially apologized at least three times but they never admit it but got a lot of money from Japan few times. Korean government has been using Japan for political strategy. When they lost their popularity rating, they bring Japan and start anti Japan demonstration. And provoked their own nation. See their successive presidents subsequences. How many people are beyond the bar? Korean people let them to handled their country to these kind of presidents. Who chose them? That’s Korean people. I can’t trust them. They haven’t. Noticed how they have been manipulated by their government. Plus people should know where the money goes that Japanese government paid for comfort women. demonstrating anti J


South Korea is a country full of bloody, racist bastards. They only deserve humiliation, domination and torture. The japanese knew what kind of shit the koreans are that is why Japan humiliated them during World War 2. What the Imperial japanese army did to korean women during World War 2 was immoral and wrong and Japan also apologized for that but still they don't accept it. Others things that Japan did to them was absolutely correct. They are the most rude, narcisst and abusive people present on this planet. South Koreans think that they are very devolved but they are actually full of shit. They can't do any thing without the help of America and still they think themselves superior. Kim Jong Un should nuke them and send them to hell. Give them fuck !!!

if the comments above dont know shit, dont dare to say anything. u guys r idiots. there already is a lot of evidences that korean women were enslaved and treated very badly. Also, Japan killed a lot, i mean A LOT of koreans. they are also saying that this Dokdo is japanese island even tho its korean's. U guys r just fkn jelous that country like this small is so wealthy and advanced. Also, korea is paying money to hire American Soldiers u fkn no brain dummies. Not all of koreans treat american soldiers badly, u fkn weirdo. no brains. R u guys japanese lover? then y dont u say wtf they r doing about tokyo olympics? Covid and delta virus and they r still opening the dam olympic.

South Koreans are motherfuckers. Shameless people full of shit. Their destiny is to become slaves to the Japanese. They are born for this purpose. Bloody, racist assholes.

It doesn't help that Koreans have a low level of citizenship because they have kimchi stuck in their heads.

never appreciate people. they have trust issue. hate each others

Koreans are responsible for the division of Korea. And to hide their mistakes they always blame Japan, China and Russia aka Soviet Union for this. They spread lies in the world always by pretending to be the victim under the shadow of Japan, China and North Korea. They are responsible for the formation of such a dangerous and hostile state like North Korea who always threatens the world. All kinds of conflicts in Asia always arise from South Korea. These South Korean assholes always take the help of the filthy Americans to spread hatred. Go to hell !!!

Okay first of all, i do not understand why people are having such hatred towards a country just because of their personal experience. Every history book tells one side of the story, i am sure most of you are not familiar with history thus you fail to comprehend the fact that some things just happen, and some governments just do things that might hurt other countries. I do not believe that Korea is treating American soldiers badly nor are they asking money from japan, it is only an apology and people make it a huge deal when a country asks for apology. There are evidence that women were abused and sexually assaulted so please maybe open up your eyes and look around more (and stop believing everything you read online). Secondly, music taste is simply depending on the person that listens to it. It is not your business if you do not like K-Pop do not listen to it. Why does it bother you so much that people like a certain music? Maybe search up more academic articles rather than what you learn while looking at pornhub. I would say anyone who hates on a country purely because of the music they make is stupid but that would be an insult to the stupid people. Thank you for your time in reading this, hopefully you acquire a brain.

South Koreans are motherfuckers. Shameless people full of shit. Their destiny is to become slaves to the Japanese. They are born for this purpose. Bloody, racist assholes.

The above idiot doesn’t know anything about history. It is why the education is important.

Racist! Dark skin and even your country being poor will be judge by them

Idiot+ for above comment.

why do people are hating on korea? haters being too gay amk

Fucking country with out northern, loyal dog of China in the past and Americunt now, they really think they are US citizen -> discrimination with Southest Asian

I dislike South Korea based on my analysis of various causes, but I am pleased to see that its population is declining significantly.

Known for their so called "BTS" nothing else.

look all those comments about korea is like being written by japanese lol

Korea brings politics into everything.

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S koreans are so the people u dont wanna be friends with there a horrible racist motherfuckers who are full of themselves they always call themselv handsome or beautiful when these motherfuclers looks exactly the same there country is bland full of shitty people and terrible culture, there only known for BTS thats it in conclusion koreans are shit

Guys. South Korea is best country. Worlds most worst country is Mongolia. Mongolia is just ????????????????????. And all mongol womens are just whores. Монгол шээс пиздаанууд зүгээр байцгаа. Монгол шээснүүдийг Вьетнам пиздаануудтай цуг устгаад хаячих хэрэгтэй.

South Korea suffered from the atrocities of Japan including China, Philippines, South East Asia Nations, they brutality and being an immoral will nevwr been forgotten, South Korea and even North Korea adopt their being aggresiveness because if the influence of Japan specially China right now, China was been aggresive these days because they think that they might seek revenge against Japan and recently North Korea fled a Ballistic Missile in East coast of Japan because of thei being arrogance. See? Right now their angerness still exist, dont blame South Koreans because they were been influence by evil Japan, I was just hope that they blow all the entire Japan when they nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki so there is now a judgement of justice about conforting women issue

If one day i can nuke some place, this fucking land must be the first one, entire of this poop land is just china & americunt slave

Lol it's always these kAwAii aNiMe dick riders. Do you idiots even know what tf you're spewing out of your ass right now? Comfort women are paid prostitutes? Dokdo is the island of Japan? Pls stop idolizing Jalan and do SOMETHING eith your pathetic lives !! Also, Korean people do have plastic surgery. WTF IS WRONG WITH THAT. Do you own their fucking bodies or something?? Pls stfu about your stupid inferiority complexes and try it yourselves! I'm sure you'll look 100 times better. Have A Good FUCKING time in Japan !! It's not like they're any different from Korea ^^

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The centralhub of basic boring pop music that the west seem to think is unique when it sounds exactly the fkn same as whats around anyway. I dont hate the country, i just hate how the western world believes these guys are the messiahs to music


They never forgive Japan. Even Japan apologized and gave out lot of money to South Korea, they never forgive about it. There so annoying saying the same thing over and over again for a long fuckin time.

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