Syria from Most Hated Country in the World

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Syria (الجمهوريّة العربيّة السّوريّة the Syrian Arab Republic) is one of the larger states of the Middle East and has its capital in Damascus. Syria is bordered to the north by Turkey, to the east by Iraq, by Jordan and Israel to the south, and by Lebanon to the south-west. In addition, the country has a short coastline on the east Mediterranean Sea. Syria had a population of 21,906,000 people (UN, 2009 estimate), of which 6 million used to be concentrated in the capital Damascus but currently, more than 3,249,000 (Dec 2014) Syrians live as refugees abroad. A moderately large country (185,180 sq km or 72,150 sq miles), Syria is situated north within the Middle East region and has land borders with Turkey in the north, with Israel in the south, Lebanon in the west and the south, and with Iraq and Jordan in the east and south-east respectively.


Millions of syrian refugees fled to Lebanon & Turkey and ruining their demographic structure along with causing economic crisis, while raping innocent womans, robbing & killing people... Lebanon & Turkey accepted them but in return syrians do these kind of disgusting stuff... War is over please return to Syria.

Actually Iran, Russia helped Syria to figthing against ISIS while Syrian government sent official invitation to Iran and Russia to help them, the world must thank Iran especially General Soleimani who defeated ISIS. While the US, Israeil, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates were supporting ISIS and similar groups to destroy Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen. and after that they had dream to invade Iran. That's why the US did terror the Anti terrorism Hero General Soleimani who defeated ISIS and the US lies that Iran attacks American soldiers. The US is 11000 far from their home in middle east creating war in middle east and they obviously told Obama and Clinton are founders of ISIS, they surrounding Iran by lots of US bases and their dream is to invade Iran finialy, And that's just a wet dream. Over 20 years American and European soldiers are in Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria illegally and the safety is even worse than 20 years ago there because the US and Europe and Israeil brought only war and destruction to middle east, while pretending they are fighting against terrorism, in fact they are the terrorists. Their goal is to suck oil and recourses rich countries like Iran, Syria, Iraq which ain't on the US and Saudi Arabia side.

This country is nice and not evil but there is so many countries want to destroy it like the civil war increased by USA and Saudi and others... And now Russia and USA and Iran are controlling the country and take their resources this country have so many Muslims and Christians and this place so important to the both but everyone want to take it ,,,

They are syrians

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