Turkey from Most Hated Country in the World

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[Turkey] (Turkish: Türkiye) is on the Mediterranean, in the Anatolian region of West Eurasia, in spite of the fact that it is associated as an integral part of the Greater Middle East region respectively, due to the social and religious affiliation, even though it is towards culturally sometimes considered European orientated, with a small section in Southeastern Europe separated by the Turkish Straits (Bosphorus, Sea of Marmara, and Dardanelles). With the Black Sea to the north and the Aegean Sea in the west and Mediterranean Sea to the southwest, Turkey is surrounded by Bulgaria and Greece to the west, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia to the northeast, Syria, Iraq and Iran to the southeast.


Worlds worst, a bunch of Neanderthals, this country should be most hated, with all the disgusting things it has done to other countries.

Bro stop being racist my guy


Cyprus hey you idiot what did the Turks do to Cyprus? The greek cypriots couped against their goverment and started killing massacring and robbing the turkish minority, This is not the statement of the turkish side, but from almost all european head of states and journalists and USA also. There are statements from these people that what the greeks did, was last seen in WW2 by the german SS in and in Europe no Nation beside Austria helped the Nazi s as mich as Greece. The turks had the right ro Intervene and take back what was theirs.

to the person who wrote Turkish people are Neanderthals.... do you know what a Neanderthal is?? I am sorry- for you because you must be one... now about the Cyprus; Cyprus or also known as Kibris in Turkey was divided in half in full agreement. As a person who has been to both sides of the island i can assure you all... the Turkish side seems to have much more damage than what i have seen in the greek side. I have been to the minorities house and saw... what had been done. It was a brutal sight for me to see, and i am a half Turkish half Greek person who has lived in both sides. The brutality in the house that i have seen was far worse than what i had imagined any brutality to be. It does not end here, tulips were the main flowers of Turkey until it was advertised as national flower in Netherlands. Turkey had economic crisis that they risen up from. The government is not the best, i have to agree and there is not as much freedom but in a sense the scenery is beautiful, turkey has many wonders and such friendly culture. Have you ever been to the "misir carsisi?" believe me, i have never seen such friendliness before, they let you in, try the food for free, have a chat with you and it isnt even a marketing strategy it is in our culture to be always giving. I am not saying these because i am half Turkish, i still do not enjoy the government as much as any other Turkish citizen, but still to hate a country purely because you have only read the greek side of the history is a little stupid dont you think? Where do you think turkish delights are made from? or Doner, or kebab... what makes you think simply not having as best education makes them Neanderthals. do you know a turkish person wrote "all tomorrows", did you know turkey has many good aspects. And so does every other country. No government is perfect and no country can be perfect. Open a book, learn how to not be stupid... or im gonna start thinking you all are Neanderthals instead...

Fuck the Turks, always wanting to cause harm and destruction to countries, they always want to be looked upon as powerful, they are scumbags and should be ashamed at what they did to Cyprus, cunts.

I hate Turkey it is a backwards cesspool that needs to innovate.

The flag is poorly designed

Their goverment is toxic .

Beautiful country! Amazing people! And Great food!

Please do not be hostile to the Turks. We are ashamed that we have enemies like you. You make a massacre, and when we come and take revenge on you, you cry because "the Turks massacred us". You Greeks and Armenians are the most dishonest people in the world. Concepts such as honor, dignity and courage are very far from you and I know that you will never learn these concepts because your fundamentals are not suitable for this.

To people think that turkey is the Netherlands please look at the world map or learn to read

Turkey should be the top of the list

Türklere hakaret eden sürtük, sana diyorum eğer soykırım yapsak şuan Türklerin kölesi olurdun. Biz bunu yapmadık ve size saygı duyduk ama sen bize saygı duymuyorsun ve bu yüzden daha fazla saygıyı da hak etmiyorsun.

I’m an expat, living in Turkey since 2 years. I have worked and lived in many countries all around the globe. I have seen it all! I’ll just summarize my opinion: Turkey is the BEST country to live, work, retire and visit!! Final stop.


Killing instant people

Eat shit and die Turkish fuckers

Allah büyüktür

Community frowned upon in Europe, perhaps rightly so. But they are far from having the worst foreign policy, they are neither subject to the USA nor to Russia.

Turkish government is extremely shitty but Turkish people are kind and sweet as long as you're not saying stupid racist things towards them Turks will accept you no matter where u from.

my honest opinion:

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