A Completely Portable, Digital eBook Library from Top 10 Raspberry Pi Projects for Beginners

A Completely Portable, Digital eBook Library 1 100x100

If ebooks are your thing, and carrying around tons of them — or even sharing them with others — is your jam, this mobile digital library is ideal for keeping, sharing and trading books with your friends. Best of all, it's completely powered by a Raspberry Pi. It's portable and turns your Pi into a Wi-Fi hotspot that others can connect to, find something to read, and grab it to take with them. Isn't sharing wonderful? Read more at https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2017/01/top-10-raspberry-pi-projects-for-beginners/#0eOEw6lDoldF3PcO.99


I am total crap at Raspberry Pi. I know how to code, and am good with hardware, I just haven’t done anything with my Pi other than make a retro game console. AND IT KICKS SO MUCH ASS IT MUST HAVE THREE LEGS. For a minimal investment, you can play pretty much any game made up until 1998-ish. A Pi is a worthwhile purchase if only for that reason.

Agreed! My first Pi became a RetroPie console immediately and it’s the best money I never spent on a NES Classic. If Nintendo hadn’t been crap at inventory management they would have gotten my money and I would have been the poorer for it. As it is I’m diving back into FFVI, Secret of Mana, and all the other classics the NES Classic can’t touch. Phooey on you, Nintendo!

Got my Retropie finished after upgrading to the Pi 3, but I need to figure out what to do with the Pi 1. Was thinking of making a projector, but the only guides involved still cost like, $60 or more. Maybe I’ll do the VPN, though...

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