A Photo Booth from Top 10 Raspberry Pi Projects for Beginners

A Photo Booth 1 100x100

The 10,000ft view of the project is this: Using a python script running on a Raspberry Pi, take picture(s) and print them onto photo paper. 1-100ft view: I'm using a hacked together python script that uses the GPIO pins on the RasPi to read button presses and take pictures. Each button corresponds with a different 'style' of photo (one, 2x2, 4x1). This is then post-processed and sent to a Canon SELPY C910, which prints a 4x6 photo.


And then you get sucked in homelabbing and in no time you’re running full-fledged enterprise servers and doing hyperconverged virtualization...

Since you have some experience, do you have some such learning projects that you could recommend? Thanks

Got my Retropie finished after upgrading to the Pi 3, but I need to figure out what to do with the Pi 1. Was thinking of making a projector, but the only guides involved still cost like, $60 or more. Maybe I’ll do the VPN, though...

I am total crap at Raspberry Pi. I know how to code, and am good with hardware, I just haven’t done anything with my Pi other than make a retro game console. AND IT KICKS SO MUCH ASS IT MUST HAVE THREE LEGS. For a minimal investment, you can play pretty much any game made up until 1998-ish. A Pi is a worthwhile purchase if only for that reason.

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