A Weather Station from Top 10 Raspberry Pi Projects for Beginners

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The Weather Station kit is a HAT for the Raspberry Pi which allows it to collect weather data using a variety of sensors. It is designed to be used in schools to enable students to create their own weather station, and has a range of resources to support its use.


I made a retro console with a Pi 2, it’s amazing and great fun, but I made some observations: It runs better with a Pi 3. Using a USB WiFi dongle isn’t a good idea as you occasionally end up with a power usage warning that slows down the emulator, so if you’re not using internal storage, (mSD cards a perfect), use a wired connection for the best result. Learn how to console into the machine so that you can change the config for the individual emulators, universal controller mappings are a pain and updating each console via the config file will give you the best layouts: the wiki pages for each console on Git gives you the expected layout.

Another cool project is a Lossless audio player, (this is similar to the web radio player). You can easily buy a DAC for the Pi, (I purchased mine from iQaudIO with a case), and install something called Volumio. This is a native FLAC (and most everthing else), player that with the DAC plays at a really nice quality for the price, it’ll sit on a network/play via internal storage or USB and has a Spotify plug in and also web radio.

I attempted the DIY Amazon Echo project last month, because I love the idea of a digital assistant I can have some control over. I got as far as getting the Pi running headless and connected to wifi... then lost the network connection, spent an hour failing to get it back, and gave up. I feel like I should turn in my geek card. Still, lots of cool projects here, maybe even cool enough to get me to try again.

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