Make Your Own Retro Video Game Console from Top 10 Raspberry Pi Projects for Beginners

Make Your Own Retro Video Game Console 1 100x100

Many of us have outdated consoles lying around the house and some of them can be upgraded to meet modern-day audio and video standards. Again, the emulator-friendly Raspberry Pi can act as the hub of the whole operation, or you can build your own mini PC inside the casing you have, depending on how ambitious (and wealthy) you’re feeling.


Totally agree. As an A B B+ v2 and v3 user/owner I’ve been wary of using these online projects as learning tools for kids because too many of them are IT versions of “cookbook chemistry” projects like making rock candy or mixing Mentos and Coke. Instead of a list of projects (because just about anything can be adapted to a RP) I’d like to see a curated list of projects that are structured for learning basic electrical engineering/circuitry or using exotic libraries in python etc.

Since you have some experience, do you have some such learning projects that you could recommend? Thanks

Not in a self contained projects - I’ve been using the ECS and trying to make projects fit certain objectives. I was wondering if anyone has started with a proven curriculum (like ECS) and crafted projects with RP to fit it. I’ve seen a couple of books and websites geared toward standards in England and Europe but nothing for US programs.

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