Dairy Queen from Top 10 Awesome Fast Food Restaurants

Together with Baskin-Robbins when people talk about the best grocery store ice cream they often mention the DQ. Dairy Queen combines great flavors and tastes delicious with every bite, and never gets old. You will need to try DQ to find out how tasty this awesome ice cream is.


In N Out is easily the best chain in the United States, be real with yourselves. In N OUT #1 and then Five Guys #2, and never tell me Five Guys is better than In N Out because thats a lie! Only thing Five Guys has that beats In N Out is their fries, but thats my opinion.

Gawd, what a disgusting slob you must be, brotherman, or perhaps I should say Idiotdude. People like you are what all too frequently gives Kentuckians a bad name. Please, never tell anyone you are from Kentucky again. You order a 10 piece bucket of chicken for yourself? 2 Big Bufords with a Milkshake? A Triple Whopper with cheese and then you upgrade to the large size fries and drink? You must sweat meat and weigh 600 pounds. You say Supersize Me got you off of McDonalds, then you eat the equivalent of a meal for 4 at KFC or White Castle by yourself? You ever hear of a salad? I think you may have missed the point of the movie, perhaps you should watch it again before you die of advanced coronary artery disease, which should be any minute now.

I love white castle, I especially liked it when Harold and Kumar ordered what i ordered one time in their movie, thats no joke, i had like 1,000 of those burgers, then the next day i had to get a new toilet.

These are phony stats NOT based in any facts with any customer survey results. It is basically a clever promotion for Chick Fil A which LIED here. Not unusual for a self proclaimed corrupt Christian organization.

I dont know why IN-N-OUT doesnt' go nationwide, they certainly have the money, everytime you go to one at lunch there is a line out the door, the only reason i can think why is because they want to keep the quality, another bonus is that the food is really cheap compared to other burger joints

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