The End of the world in 2012 from Top 10 Conspiracy Theories

The End of the world in 2012 1 100x100

Researchers have discovered that the Mayan calendar is quite precise in predicting cosmic events, and the role of the planets in these events. However, in their calendar there is no prediction for the period after 21st December 2012. Many people who are engaged in researching of this phenomenon are assured that something very important will happen on that date. Speculations are numerous. Some believe that there will be a cosmic cataclysm that will wipe out all life on the Earth, some that 2012 will be the setting for a total nuclear war. Not all of the theories are pessimistic. According to one of them the period after 2012 will be the period of peace and prosperity. What all the conspiracy theorists agree about is the assumption that the leaders know what will happen, but everything is kept secret.


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