Avira from Top 10 Free Alternatives to Expensive Software

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SOPHOS is fantastic, unless you buy the full version. Otherwise it kicks in whenever it wants and drags your performance to a crawl. Kinda reminds me of NAV. Maybe I am doing something wrong? At work the admins set it for a global noon start. That may be great or those that go for lunch at noon, but I start at six thirty AM and am trying to get work done at that time.

We use McAfee, and the scans are set to run every few hours. They’re equally as painful as NAV. But in my job, we require full local admin rights... so that crap can get delayed until I’m finished TYVM!

Yeah, most of my work computers are “Mine” but that one laptop Grrrr. I could remove it from the Casper server, but deleting the control file is more fun when I need it. LOL.

Well you’re running antivirus software on a Mac so you’re starting out wrong. It’s completely unnecessary.

I would recommend Avira for any regular Windows user, but if you’re more of a power user and on Win7 or better you should get Microsoft Security Essentials instead. It’s by Microsoft and also free (I think Win10 comes with it preinstalled?) and while it might not catch everything stupid users will do (“well the e-mail said I need to open the attachment, so okay!”) it’s far, far less bothersome and a bit easier on the processor. MSE+NoScript+FlashBlock has been a winning combination for me for years.

It’s worth noting that I think MS’s official stance now is that MSE (or did it change back to Defender for 10?) is included so you can run relatively safely out of the box but it’s meant to be replaced and automatically cuts off once it sees you have something else. A few years ago it was actually competitive with other free ones but I think that’s changed. But of course people here probably aren’t terribly unsafe internet users in the first place.

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