DaVinci Resolve from Top 10 Free Alternatives to Expensive Software

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DaVinci Resolve is a incredible tool for color grading, but it’s editing features just are not robust enough IMO. Not to mention setting up the program is daunting. Lightworks is a far better tool for anyone looking for a free video editor.

Great list! Every single one is the best of the best. I had not heard of Davicni Resolve, but someone needs to tell them the download part of the website DOES NOT WORK. Clicking the downlaod button takes me to a form... that does nothing. The form also goes off-page at the bottom and can’t be scrolled, so if there is button there, I can’t reach it. Really bad design, guys. Oh, and no contact link, so I couldn’t even tell them the problem. Total FAIL. Update: Ah, I had to shrink the magnification of the page below 100% to see that, yes, there was a button at the bottom of the form that could not be scrolled to. Yep, bad design.

Second update: I managed to download and install it. It crashed my laptop. Make sure you have a really beefy system before installing this. OpenCL is also a requirement and you must install the PostGRE helper files. They also recommend Win 8 or higher. Did not find out any of this until I began the install. It appears to be a really high quality video editor and I hope one day to be able to explore it. However, this led me to find out that Blender has a built in video editor and I even found a tutorial on how to set up the workspace.

Haven’t finished configuring it yet. Been busy. Looks promising.

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