Google Drive from Top 10 Free Alternatives to Expensive Software

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OneDrive does virtually everything that Google Drive does, and I don’t have to put up with GMail, the most annoying webmail on earth.

I like Google Drive. Sheets and Docs come in very handy.

Sophos Home for Windows is also free. I like it for being unobtrusive. You have to sign up to download it for your device (signing up for Home version is free). What I like about this antivirus is that it’s managed from the web in your Sophos client area where you can see the status of the devices you’ve installed Sophos on. You can also add exceptions for false positives etc. from there.

I know it’s not free for everyone, but I’ve replaced Visio with Lucidchart. Visio was the only software for which I could not find a suitable Mac version, so I was using CodeWeavers’ CrossOver to run it. I was overjoyed to find a web-based alternative. I was ecstatic when I found out it could convert my old charts. They even have a mobile app.

Inkscape would be great if it wasn’t so damn buggy. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve rage quit that program after it bugs out for no reason. Files open fully zoomed in, the program opens on different monitors, the layer dialog locks up, DXF export doesn’t reflect the newest changes, changing the kerning of text goes from small increments to giant and no way of getting it to act normal again (think 1% -> 2% -> 1000%), changing properties of text is a crap shoot if it’s going to work or not. The list goes on.

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