VirtualBox from Top 10 Free Alternatives to Expensive Software

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I love Virtualbox, it allows me to run virtual Windows 7 on 10 simultaneously. 7 only to do internet and 10 is offline used only for creative CG projects. The best antivirus and anti datamining setup possible.

I am just getting into video editing, hope to do lots more. I played with Resolve for about 4 hours last night after reading this article. I run a Core i7 with 8 GB Ram and Win10 and it seems to run OK. I don’t really understand how software this powerful can be free, but I’m not complaining. The cheapest paid version is about $1000! There is indeed quite a learning curve. I found some tutorials, but if anyone knows of a good one that’s strong on the basics (I don’t need to know much about color correction yet, for example) I’d love to hear about it. Resolve does point one to a Reference Manual when one clicks Help. It’s a .pdf, 1334 pages, 8½ x 11!

The problem I have with Gimp, is it won’t natively work with camera raw files like Photoshop does. The raw filters for photoshop are integrated, giving you 100% control over the post processing. With gimp, unless they changed it, you need to edit your photos in a raw processing program, then import them. I shoot 100% raw, a lot of photographers do, but for your point & shoot and others, I guess jpeg/tiff is good enough.

I’m looking for a good Adobe Acrobat substitute. It doesn’t need to be anywhere near as fully-featured...this is just for personal documents I scan in and store. (I try to go as paperless as possible.) Basically all I need is the ability to compress documents, merge PDFs, and move pages around within documents. Ideas?

Kinda surprised you didn’t mention Sketchup - it’s probably one of the most widely adopted free 3D modelling programs! Acorn is an interesting free Mac photo editor because it has actions you can use in Automator.

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