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I'm curious about what speeds are considered "slow". Where I am, I am on a 4mbps until 25 GB plan (lasts like 3 days for me) - and then 0.5mbps speeds continue until the next month (aka the remaining 27 days). I pay about 25 US$ (converted) a month for this nonsense DSL. Until recently, I had only one provider for wired broadband in my area. I am in the process to switching over to a 4megabit constant unlimited line, but I have to pay a mighty 60 US$ for that (ridiculous pricing), but other than moving 2500 km to where you pay 25$ for 16mbps, I have no choice. I also have a 3G connection I pay 15$ for 6gb of usage a month. (no 4G here) So again, I'm curious - what is the minimum speed you are comfortable working on? Also, what are the internet tariffs like where you live? (All figures in megabits per second, not bytes).

I'm on a 30 GB plan with a 4 mbps connection. The 30 GB last about 2 weeks for me. After that it's 2 mbps for the rest of the month. I'm paying 12 dollars (converted) monthly.

And do you find it slow, average, or fast? I see a lot of people online who complain about 3G being slow and 4G being "slow sometimes" which I find ridiculous because a 3G connection is faster than my home "unlimited broadband" internet connection, while 4G just blows it away.

I get 20Mb/s down, 1.5 Mb/s up. The 1.5 up is pretty much unbearable because I do offsite backups. I'm pretty sure it's $40 a month. We could go up to 107 Mb/s down for $107 a month, but that's fucking expensive and the upload speed is still much lower than that. This is my only choice in ISP other than satellite or a mobile carrier. We have a 250GB cap, with a 2% "go fuck yourself" window so it's actually 255GB. Going over that the first 2 or 3 times (I did it last month) doesn't do anyhing, but after that I think it's $10/50GB, which is bullshit. Honestly, anything less than 10-15 Mbps is annoying to me if I'm on a PC. I can't imagine being stuck at 0.5 Mpbs. When I saturate my upload, which is easy when a backup is running, my speeds drop to something so slow I can't stand. I think my ISP thinks I'm file sharing or they just don't want me using the service I pay for.

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