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I've nearly forgotten what a slow internet connection is... I'm currently sitting on a business grade 100mb connection. I'm pretty sure if I was ever to wander back into the realm of 5mb DSL I wouldn't be able to survive a day (as it would have only taken a minute on my current connection)

And here I was feeling a bit spoiled on my 50Mb plan. I will say this though, I recently had U-Verse come into my neighborhood. I've had only one ISP for a long time (which over the years have had enough problems with) so I figured it was worth a shot. I didn't last a week on the U-Verse 18Mb plan.

I take it you have the Ultra 50 plan? I too have it and it's glorious. I don't think there's very many people (if any) on my node because I typically get speeds up to 56/6. At work we have a Mediacom business class 105/10Mbps plan and I'm far too spoiled by both my work and home speeds to go lower again. CenturyLink recently started offering 40/5Mbps connections here, but even dropping to that would be too noticeable. I'm spoiled :)

Yeah, I have the Ultra50. I typically sit around 46/5.5 here. It should be getting better though. I've noticed AT&T trucks quite a bit lately since they turned on U-Verse here. I love the speed I get. The main issue is the fact that I am at the end of the line. So with that, I get some the issues associated with that like high signal noise.

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