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When i was a windows user i used Speedbit Video Accelerator on my painfully slow internet connection to get a bit of edge in streaming online videos. What the accelerator actually does is that it stops other applications from using the internet and let the full internet speed to be used by the YouTube video that you are trying to play. Hence it can be a lifesaver for slow internet users who want to stream YouTube Videos. Now though, i am on linux there is no such application and most of the time i need to switch YouTube to 240p which is just watchable. But 360p was the best. Now Something For Linux Users:- 1. I use a CLI tool called "nethogs" which tells me which applications are using how much internet speed, so say, if i want to watch a youtube video, i may manually kill the apps by getting it's PID from nethogs and then i may enjoy my YouTube video. To install it in ubuntu type in terminal "sudo apt-get install nethogs" and to use type "sudo nethogs wlan0" if you are on wifi; "sudo nethogs eth0" if you are on ethernet or "sudo nethogs ppp0" if you are using dongle. 2. Change the DNS to , on Ubuntu Internet Settings. 3. Use Google Cache "Text View" mode to load pages on painfully slow EDGE network which tops at 140kbps. Just google any link say the link is "ranktopten.com" then google search "cache:ranktopten.com" wait for 2-3 seconds on slow connection and then when the page starts to load a bit then press "Text Only" mode as soon as it appears. It might not give a huge speed boost but will definitely work on EDGE networks, if you are on really slow internet and just want to read some article. I relied on EDGE network for about 1 year and it really works. 4. Run the Opera Mini for Java Phones under "Java ME" emulation, as it is way faster than "Opera Boost" on "Opera" for PC for slow EDGE networks. As it loads any page under 5-6 seconds even under EDGE Network. 5. Reading your articles inside the feed reader, as it needs to download much less data than loading up the complete webpage. It can be helpful, at times. These were my tips, hope that might help. :D

Will do. I remember downloading the app on my iPhone at one stage but never ended up using it. One of the reasons I tend to find Safari very useful (and therefore hard to leave) is the fact that it allows me to create reading lists which sync across all my devices - iPhone, iPad, mac etc. I find this particularly useful. Sadly (I assume) if I move to the atomic browser I will lose this functionality.

Wrong DNS server can lead to more than slow DNS responses, but also to bad DNS answers. I did dear to configure my DNS differently from my ISPs provided DNS service and had to discover that I received bad DNS responses resulting in ping times to for example Google of 5x.

having a 4G backup sounds like a good idea, but in my experience, the places with the slowest internet are also the places with the spottiest (or non-existent) 4G coverage. YMMV of course

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