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Yeah I'd understand if you're doing backups (or using FTP a lot) but I think for 95% of people upload hardly matters (they mostly only are uploading a few MBs for email attachments and photo uploads to social networks). I do understand your frustration though. Dropbox is painfully slow (though I get hardly 0.25 mbps up). For me those 4 Mb/s for my first few days is pretty fine, YouTube loads okay, most things are fine. 20 Mb/s would sure be nice but it doesn't seem like a necessity. 8 Mb/s would be the sweet spot for HD video streaming. Above that, its mostly for large downloads or transfers. (Believe me, if a 100 Mbps line was not crazy expensive I'd have it. I love speedy connections). I'm just trying to get an idea of what people consider "slow" for browsing, etc. To get a 107 Mb/s fiber line where I am it would cost roughly 1500-2000$ a month. For 107$ I'd get around 8-10 Mb/s. *sigh*.

Although there is a 20/2 Mbps cable connection in the house, I know for a fact I can live with a 5Mbps connection (although waiting for videos to load on YouTube is a PITA). Anything below I'd consider very slow; above 10Mbps is fast enough for me.

I live in the UK and we have BT infinity which gives me 72mb down and 25mb up and we pay ~$70 or £45 for internet, phone, tv and line rental. I would personally never be without at lease 20 down and 10 up.

1.5 Mbps at my parents for $45/month is laughably slow. Though they are able to watch Netflix at low quality thanks to it's remarkable scalability. There's only 1 ISP option for them and they can't offer much faster speeds due to hardware limitations on their end.

That sounds awful. I know I'm spoiled, but I hate having much less than what I have. And I know that a lot of people don't need much upload bandwidth, but when you could use some extra, it's really noticeable. Especially when my download slows to a crawl because my upload is completely saturated...

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