Try a New DNS Server from Top 10 Ways to Deal With a Slow Internet Connection

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What are your own tips for surviving slow internet? When I work away from home, I've found that internet speeds are such a gamble—maybe my parents are having internet troubles they haven't looked into, or the nearby coffee shops have internet that's too slow. My solution was to get a pay-as-you-go hotspot, so now wherever I go, if the internet is down/slow, I at least have a solid 4G backup that I can get some work done on.

I usually try in this order when using the internet at home: - refreshing the page sometimes the page is just slow if it doesnt work then I would close and reopen the web browser. - restarting my computer, which is a bit of an extreme I know but it has worked for me in the past - I would unplug and replug (in effect resetting) the modem to give it a kickstart again which usually would get it going again. If none of those work I would just leave it then and wait it out, sometimes the ISP just has slow moments. I wouldn't call them up unless the internet is not working at all.

I'm on a 3Mb/s DSL connection, so I schedule everything as much as possible. I use a download manager for when I want to get larger files (ISOs, etc), and I schedule my computer to turn on at midnight and shutdown at 6am every day. It auto launches the download manager, as well as my CrashPlan backup, so these internet-heavy things happen while I'm sleeping, and normal browsing, etc can happen at full-speed during the day. It removes some of the instant gratification, but whatever I want is always there the next day.

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