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I am sick and tired of Verizon falsely advertising their speeds. I pay for 50/25 and the absolute best I have ever gotten was 35/15 on a wired connection. Even with the ethernet cable plugged into my PS3, it took half an hour to download 4GB when it should have taken 11 min. One time I was getting under 10Mbps down and they said "Speeds are not guaranteed". So you could advertise 100Gbps for $500/mo and only deliver 10Mbps and say "Speeds not guaranteed"?

You should also consider, that even though you have a high download bandwidth, the upload bandwidth of the source may be limited below that. i.e., just because you have 50MBps, does not mean that you can download from one source at that speed.

I hope that we get Google Fiber in Pittsburgh soon. I pay $80/mo for 50/25 while they charge $70 ($10 less) for 1 Gbps (20 times faster). I don't understand how cable companies can get away with screwing people over like this. Google is going to put a lot of companies out of business.

I have what is supposed to be 20mbps (fastest available here) and usually sits around 2-5. We only watch TV online with no cable and this often causes problems. Our internet provider is the only game in town and I’ve replaced two routers at their recommendation because it “wasn’t at their end.” If I call them again, they will tell me the same thing. I've tried range extenders with no effect so it isn't a distance problem. Not sure what to do.

Maybe try “renting” a router for a month from them to see if the problem persists—if speed still sucks with one of their routers, they can’t just pawn off the issue on you. (Then, when they finally fix the problem, you can give them back their router and go back to using your own.)

They did replace that, I forgot that detail. Now, instead of stopping entirely, it just slows down suddenly to 1-2 Mbps several times a day. I really think we won't get any satisfaction since there's only one game in town.

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