Kill Those Tabs, or Try a Different Browser from Top 10 Ways to Extend Your Laptop's Battery Life


All of this. I have a 13" Macbook Air, which has a battery life “up to 12 hours.” I’ve had the computer 1.5 years now and I can still get that battery life in some scenarios! It primarily depends on the apps I need to run, and then depends on not having any external hardware plugged in, dimming the display as much as possible, and turning off wifi. I transcribe for a living and am frequently in areas where there are long power outages. If I can’t switch to auxiliary power (my home is an RV with several alternate sources of power, including solar and a genset), then I do all of the above and run only Word, ExpressScribe (my transcription app), and only have my foot pedal plugged in. I check emails and surf on my phone. This means I can work all day. The only thing missing in this list is having a computer with good battery life. My 17" HP Elitebook could last about two hours on battery power no matter what I did and my 17" Macbook Pro was being kind if I got more than six hours out of it. The Macbook Air’s long battery life was a key factor in choosing it.

It controls the audio so I can keep my hands free for typing.

Tell me more about this transcription job. I assume it’s not posting scripts of The Big Bang Theory on a fansite or anything like that.

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