Use Your Laptop Manufacturer’s Battery Maintenance Tools from Top 10 Ways to Extend Your Laptop's Battery Life


First thing I do when setting up a Windows laptop, for me and my family or a friend, is turn off sleep options and turn on hibernate. Such a good setting.

Anybody have any idea why my HP Pavilion laptop uses about 1% of the battery power when powered OFF (using Shutdown in Win10) and left unplugged overnight? I do not use it often (my old Compaq laptop is stubbornly refusing to die and I’m a procrastinator), so if I leave it off and closed for three weeks, I come back to a battery that has lost more than 3/4 of its juice. I’m not planning to travel with this laptop much, but I worry what to do if there is a power outage and I would need to conserve the battery juice for later. My last resort is to remove the battery for those times when I am not going to be using the laptop for extended periods. I’m hoping the battery won’t drain at the same rate even when disconnected from the laptop... (need to test this out).

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