Choose the Best Upgrades for Your Gear from Top 10 Ways to Speed Up Old Technology

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Agreed on the cost vs benefit scale for most components on an old system. I was nursing along an old C2D Dell, and popped an 850 EVO SSD in it for the last few months I used it. This was my crapbox old PC that was only used for troubleshooting/repair/data recovery tasks that I wouldn’t want to touch my real computer. Also my Linux experimentation box. I just built crapbox 2.0, with a 6600k and that same SSD. Some upgrades are okay to do, as long as it’s only something like an optical drive or hard drive that will be compatible with a new/future computer. Some things, like when I threw away $40 to add some more DDR2 a year earlier are just not smart.

Oh god. I forgot to clean my desktop computer for almost 2 years. I noticed that the fans were spinning up to full speed too often. When I opened up the tower, it was embarrassing. Canned air, a vacuum, and an hour of my time.

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