Give Your Consoles a Hard Drive Upgrade from Top 10 Ways to Speed Up Old Technology

Give Your Consoles a Hard Drive Upgrade 1 100x100


Back in the day I get Windows XP to run with as little as 256mb /384mb of ram. Guys like Blackviper lead the way in turning off and tweaking settings. (Still do) Even today games have mods that allow you to run with preset .ini substitutions. Sometimes every little thing helps.

I booted up Windows XP in a VM and it settled at 60MB of RAM usage. Of course this was a fresh build so installing whatever I would’ve used could bring it up. However I did manage to get Windows 8 to idle at ~350MB of RAM usage. And people say Windows is a memory hog.

Yeah, I’ve had old machines that would run a trimmed down XP fine, but struggle with Xubuntu.

Nice. Ever try micro XP? Nowfound on boot disks. Had an awesome stripped down version of Vista Lite that allowed basic instal then individual drivers. Ended up using Windows Fundamentals -best quick install and Microsoft approved. Not available for end consumers...unless you knew were to look.

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