South Korea from Top 10 Worst Countries to Live In

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South Korea (한국, 韓國 Hanguk), officially the Republic of Korea (대한민국, 大韓民國 Daehan Minguk) is a country in East Asia. South Korea occupies the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, with North Korea to the north, China across the sea to the west and Japan a short ferry ride to the southeast.


why? South Korea is an AMAZING place to live in. This ist is a scam

The creator probably just saw squid game and assumed that all Koreans are poor

Me juan and soth kora is vere kol i ben ther

The reason for this might related to politic issues. (I don’t dislike them) 1. Unstable government 2. Extremely wealthy people and extremely poor people 3. They believe appearance is so important 4. Punishments are not harsh. Criminal who killed someone would only be put into prison for 10-20 years (they get executed in my country) For conclusion, these are just personal thoughts, might not be 100 percent true!Koreans are actually really friendly! I had a crush on a Korean guy before. DO NOT SHOW PREJUDICE TO THEM EVEN IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THEIR COUNTRY!

As a south Korean living in US, (lived there 12 years, US 1.5 years) This is not true. Its better than USA dude seriously

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