A Note Taking Machine from Top 10 Worthwhile Uses for Tablets

A Note Taking Machine 1 100x100


Stop showing pictures of Apple tablets and show more Android Tablets. The problem with Apple is that the don't give you choices like Android & Windows do and they lock down iTunes and Apple doesn't allow 3rd party apps

Sorry, it may be hard to hear this but there are people who live outside Apple's reality distortion field. Not everything is about Apple nor their products, and there are actual companies who create legitimate products that don't have anything to do with your pristine closed-garden environment.

Actually, I've owned one iPhone (3G), hated it, went Android and never went back. I regularly use Windows and Linux depending on what the task at hand requires of me, and I tend to prefer open platforms and building my own machines when possible. I also try not to condemn other people for liking Apple products. For what they are meant to do, they are occasionally the right tool for the job, and there is nothing wrong with that.

I love this response, it's the ultimate fanboy goto. Apple products are great if you have zero technical skill and want very few actual options... If I were going to buy my grandmother or a small child a computing device, I'd likely choose Apple so I'd never need to tech support it. Also, running a linux distro on your PC was something that required technical skill 14 years ago. Doing so now proves that you can click next 7 times while installing an operating system.

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