An All-In-One Ereader from Top 10 Worthwhile Uses for Tablets

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Maybe not the best place to ask this, but it's somewhat related: do you guys think small tablets are more popular because of price or size? Did you get an iPad mini, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, etc because of the size or price compared to the bigger version? So for example, if there were two tablets which had the exact same specs and price while one was ~8 inches and the other was ~10 inches, which would you get?

I bought an 8 inch tablet and never considered a larger one seriously. I use it for reading books, comics and news. But unlike a dedicated e-reader, I can use it for on-the-go tasks like email, watching tv programs & movies and web browsing. The latter I would use my laptop in most cases, but I don't have to carry my laptop everywhere. The 10 inch tablets are just too big for what I need. It's not a price issue, it's a convenience issue.

I kind of have a similar sentiment. I've had bigger tablets (iPad and Surface) in the past, but I recently bought the Dell Venue 8 Pro and I much prefer the form factor. A 10 inch tablet feels too close in size to my 13 inch MBP. I mostly use my Dell for taking around places because the portability is way better than my laptop or even the larger tablets (this isn't to say my MBP or the full sized tablets were difficult to carry around, the smaller tablet is just easier).

I have a nexus 7 (1st ed) and love it, but I have to admit, there are times i find myself wishing i had a slightly larger screen. mind you, i wouldn't want the extra weight that seems inevitable , but if they could make a larger screen G2 style (get rid of those massive bezels) i could see myself upgrading.

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