Top Home Security System Companies

Safety first, that’s what we have always been told since early childhood. And there is no greater thing to protect than lives and welfare of your loved ones. If you think that nobody has a reason to take your life away, then turn around and think of your possessions. A simple burglary attempt may turn into a disaster due to criminal panicking or other unforeseeable events unless the best alarm system is installed. That’s why people all over the country are installing top home security systems just to prevent these kinds of unpleasant situations. Though it may seem that it requires a person to be quite unlucky to attract burglar into the household, the statistic speaks for itself. More than 1.5 million homes were the targets of thieves with around $4 billion of loss.

Home security companies are a perfect match for those who are looking to protect their houses and they offer truly a huge amount of ways to get that protection. Starting with basic alarms and locks, it can go further down the road, including lighting, motion detectors and much more. This list is dedicated for the companies that offer the best home security systems.

Safety is not something to cut the expenses on and the best security system is the top choice for achieving the required level of protection. What do you think on the matter? Which company do you trust to provide the means of efficient protection of your possessions? How much would you spend to get the maximum level of safety within your household? Check out the chart of the best companies and vote for your personal favorite! Use comment sections to describe your opinion and an advice for those who are only considering to use the services of your trusted company.



One of exclusively US and Canada home security companies, Vivint has more than a million of customers. Earning the place in the list of best employers and name of a promising company, this Utah-based company produces security systems, fire alarms, smart house technologies and photovoltaics. An established company with decades of experience.


LifeShield Home Security

Among top home security systems, when it comes to wireless protection from burglary and fire issues, including automated monitoring of the temperature. The company develops software to control each aspect of the security system and make it as personalized as possible. Relies on heavy social media marketing, interaction with clients and has earned experts’ acclaim.



Called one of the best home security systems, SimpliSafe is growing rapidly and reportedly has 300,000 customers and hundreds of employees with millions of income. Specializing in self-installed systems with a connection to the monitoring center, this Boston company produces only noise alarm system, which emits a sound of 85 decibels, becoming a loud and safe measure.


Live Watch

Earning the name of the best security system for more than 200,000 customers, LiveWatch, a company headquartered in Evanston, Illinois, offers sirens, motion detectors, house automation systems and more. Night vision comes with monitoring system for more security. Offering instant mobile connectivity in case of security breach, LiveWatch cares more about practical use than complexity.


This Virginia-based business is among the home security companies that tend to protect citizens from all directions. The products of the company include video monitoring, interactive security, house automation, alarms, all hooked up by a cloud through which one is able to control all features on one platform, including the voice commands.


First Alert (Honeywell)

Provider of top home security systems is famous for expansion into other industries, forming $40 billion revenue conglomerate. Its home security division specializes in standard security methods as well as wide variety of air flow and pressure sensors, visual scanners etc. All products are connected with one network per house, allowing direct control for the owner.


Protection One

Best security system, when it comes to hearing the opinions of the company’s clients. It has 2 million customers, 97% satisfaction rate, it is a business with A+ accreditation. The company owns monitoring centers to provide a high rate of response, installs all the services manually and offer constant support with both malfunctioning and usage.


Smith Thompson Security

Claimed to be the best alarm system by many of the clients, Smith Thompson Security focuses on a moderate pricing of their service as well as an attempt to provide a top-class monitoring service for each customer. The biggest security company in Texas also has agencies in 150 of other cities across the US.


AT&T Digital Life

Best home security systems are famous for multitasking and Digital Life tries to live up to the standard. Besides basic wireless alarms, they offer video monitoring 24/7, remote door locks, water and fire detection, thermostat control etc. All hooked up by small-range network built using DECT. Each system is highly customizable so the customer can fit it to the specifics of the house.


Guardian Protection Services

This BBB accredited business enjoys the title of best alarm system in many occasions. Providing different service options, a random customer can get anything from essential security devices to premium live stream from cameras, 24/7 monitoring service, voice control, indoor cameras, home automation, all connected by a wireless or cellular network.

Envision Security Inc
Tekna Systems
Ranger Technology Solutions
e-Bird Innovations
Sentry Protective
Hawk Security System
Central Security Group
Interactive Alarms
Power Home Technologies
Alliance Security
Frontpoint Security
Moni Smart Security
Protect America
Alliance Home Protection
Vector Security
CPI Security
Smith Monitoring