Top YouTube Channels That Inspire You to Cook

YouTube is a safe haven for all kinds of masters and cooking gurus do not make an exception. Cooking shows gain popularity daily and the quality of produced content along with the peculiarity of recipes grow stronger. Many people have subscribed to at least one food channel and RankTopTen wants to know which one is your pick! This list highlights a number of choices and aims to determine the cooking channel with the most support from the viewers. Browse the list, make your decision and vote for your favorite cooking channel shows, leaving a comment in the process.


Chef John does awesome videos and his dishes are very straightforward.

Brothers Green Eats

Love that guy, doesn’t show his face, because it’s all about the food. I like the dad jokes too.


One that I appreciate is Munchies. Though I’m not subscribed, I do check out their videos occasionally. I especially hunt for videos featuring Matty Matheson, such as this amazing-looking burger:


My favorite is Tasted. They do a lot of shows about restaurant items and manufactured foodstuffs (usually snarking on them), but my favorite thing on there is Rustic As Fuck, which takes traditional comfort food recipes and makes them a bit healthier. Noah makes a beef and vegetable chili that must be tasted to be believed.

You Suck at Cooking

I can’t say why, but I hate with a passion cooking videos that are shot from directly overhead. The sight of them stirs up rage deep inside me, doubly so if they’re sped up.

Feeling Peckish

Fan of “Cooking with Dog” since the beginning. That’s the channel to go if you want homemade Japanese food. One of the best Oyako Donburi recipe ever!


I just love chef John. Short, simple, funny videos and the only thing you see are the ingredients, so you don’t have to look someone in the eyes.

Cooking With Dog

i usually avoid cooking videos for cooking because they tend to be time wasters-- much quicker to look at a recipe on text. BUT (big but) now you’ve made me curious! first stop: #6 (it’s an appealing description--wasting time with comedy is never wrong) thanks!

Just Eat Life

I watch the Food Wishes channel - Chef John uses a bit of humor and gives practical recipes that anyone can make. I completely forgot about You Suck At Cooking - used to watch it a while ago.

Bon Appetit

Gordon Ramsey’s channel is one of my favourite. I usually find it easy to just read a text, but he mixes a bit of history and explains of cultures from which his recipe is from and that is a delight to know. Not to mention his 1st hand accounts from chefs from remote parts of the world.

He seems more chill on his YouTube channel. I’ve only watched a few of his videos, but it’s funny watching him fuck something up, like making toast, that he would shout at someone about on one of his TV shows and laughing and shrugging it off like it’s NBD.