Dark Souls 3 Best Rings

In a game that is as complex and as sensitive to careful planning and strategy, any piece of gear is of high importance, including the rings. Dark Souls 3 include them for a reason as each ring can provide different bonuses to the characters that can make or break your boss fight and determine if you’ll see the “You Died” once more. We have included some of the Dark Souls 3 best rings one can use during the gameplay. Vote for your best pick and explain in the comments how exactly is that the best choice for your class during the fights!

Carthus Bloodring
Leo Ring
Chloranthy Ring

Life Ring

One of the game’s Burial Gifts, this one is regarded as one of Dark Souls 3 best rings. It can provide a pretty solid boost to health, but that's subject to ring’s level. Life Ring +3 will grant you 10% bonus to HP, which often defines how well you do during boss fights, especially in NG++.

Sun Princess Ring

Ring of Steel Protection

One of the most OP Dark Souls rings in terms of protection. It provides some terrifyingly strong defense stats. The best ring of the kind will increase damage absorption by massive 17% for PvE. In PvP, however, it’s 5%, which is still powerful.

Havel's Ring

All Caster Rings

These rings in DS3 are highly useful for any strong caster build. Each advanced ring of this type offers impressive bonuses to relevant skills, such as Intelligence, allowing more damage from spellcasting. When a caster build is complemented with a strong relevant ring, godmode is inevitable.


Prisoner's Chain

This Dark Souls 3 ring provides a somewhat convoluted boost to how the wearer takes damage from enemies. It increases Vigor, Endurance and Vitality by 5, thus increasing total defense. It also allows to wear heavier armor sets and lowers the Absorption stat depending on the equipment worn.


Ring of Favor

One of the best general support DS3 rings. Players can find 4 versions of the ring in-game, the best one offers up to +3 in effects. The base ring provides 3%, 8.5% and 5% to HP, Stamina and Equip Load respectively. Unlike the original DS version, this ring is not destroyed upon removal yet provides smaller bonuses.