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Tom Cassell (top gaming youtubers ) known as TheSyndicateProject, Tom Syndicate, or Syndicate, is a British YouTuber, gaming commentator, and vlogger. His cool channel was opened on the 3rd September 2010, and he quickly grew to be one of the biggest gaming channels on YouTube, with over 10 million subscribers to date. The channel was originally built on Halo and Modern Warfare 2 videos, but came to prominence with the release of Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies and further grew due to the series The Minecraft Project. Not counting any YouTube owned channel such as Movies, and Music-topic, he is number 37 on the most subcribed YouTubers list, right under Yuya. He is also known to have been friends with another youtuber called 'Dillan Tucker' YouTube name 'mrdilpot' but they stopped talking for an unknown reason. He and CaptainSparklez were in close competition for the 3rd most subscribed gamer, but CaptainSparklez ultimately won out. However, Tom has recently surpassed CaptainSparklez. He is also a part of the Gamer Shore. His YouTube success is heavily outweighed by his success, as he is the most followed player on the website, recently having over 2 million followers. He also has his own clothing line, called SyndicateOriginal. It was closed for a year and reopened as a family run store in the UK and US.


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