Best Magazines For Men

The number of magazines for men increases rapidly from day to day. Magazines form our list of best magazines for man have everything that a real man needs: fast cars, sports, expensive gadgets, culture and business guides: care, fitness and nutrition advice, and of course, lots of beautiful women. Take a look at our list, and find everything you need for becoming a better man.


Playboy (magazine)

One of the oldest magazines for men is a synonym for "real men's magazine”, and it almost has no competition. Playboy is a magazine for the men who always want more from their lives. It promptly informs in the fields of general culture, business, sport and fashion. The target reader is a successful, established man who loves luxury, stylish life, good taste and beautiful women. The main issues are: yachts and hotels, expensive restaurants, the latest technology, humour, luxury cars, high fashion and sophisticated eroticism, and also the serious topics, interviews with celebrities, as well as cultural events. It simply demonstrates the way that a life of a playboy should look.


Cigar Aficionado

This cigar-lover magazine provides information dealing with cigars and everything connected to them: drinks, gambling, and the lifestyle of the smokers. It informs on brands of cigars, compares their flavors, interviews celebrity cigar-lovers and publishes articles on cigar industry.



GQ is an abbreviation from the original name of this magazine – Gentlemen’s Quarterly. Target readers of this magazine are relaxed, but also successful and serious man. It contains many fashion suggestions, gadgets, relationship advice, excellent photos and interviews with the famous people. Its great articles discuss current politics and inform on culture. If shown, sexual content is unobtrusive and sophisticated.



This is a refined lifestyle magazine for gentlemen. It is an ultimate guide through culture, fashion, movies, books, food, health, and manners. It focuses on gadgets, money, wealth, and cars, and therefore aims at classy, well-off readers. Its intelligent articles on current social and political events, and tastefully handled sex topics and photos distinguish it from other magazines for men, making it a more serious readings.


Men’s Journal

Aiming at the adventurous sportsmen, this excellent magazine’s main issues are extreme sports, exotic places, fitness and traveling. Its well-written articles deal with health, gears, science, food preparation, etc. In an amusing, intelligent way. It provides practical expert advice, celebrity and sportsman interviews.


Maxim (magazine)

One of the most popular magazines for young men is a mixture of articles about sex, cars, sport and rewievs of movies, music and games. It also contains exclusive pictorials of models and celebrities often provocatively dressed, but never completely undressed. It is written in a casual, humorous style that entertains and educates at the same time.



This is one of the most provocative magazines for the men. It contains numerous explicit high–quality photos of beautiful women, as well as sex advice. Although sex is its main topic, this magazine also provides the newest information on cars, fashion trends, technology, drinks and interviews. It brings out the latest and the hottest!


Men's Health

Man’s Health is one of the top rated magazines for men. It is a lifestyle magazine that covers various topics. It gives fitness, health and weight-loss advice and teaches men the newest sex tricks. Furthermore, it is rich in advice regarding medical conditions, relationships and business. It will help men get the satisfaction on both the physical and spiritual level.


Golf Digest

This popular magazine aims to inform those who love golf. It is a monthly publication that covers many golf-related topics: recreational golf, competitive golf, the best places for playing, the best courses… Besides that, it provides advice on techniques of playing, and publishes interviews with the professionals, all complemented by stunning photographs.