Top 10 Magazines for Women

In the modern world of computers, mobile phones and constant rush, nothing can be so relaxing as reading a good, old magazine. Top 10 magazines for women listed below inform and educate on many levels, starting form fashion and beauty tips, through quizes, stories and cultural toppics, to entertainment and gossips. If you have finally found some extra time, sit back in your own place for enjoyment, grab a cup of coffee and dive into the world magazines have created for you.



Vogue is one of the most prestigious and most popular magazines for women. Its history begins in 1892 in the United States. From then on, it started spreading, and today it is available to women in 18 countries and one region. As it is one of the most influential magazines of today it imposes fashion trends, reviews politics, gives advice on care and health, and informs about culture, art and entertainment.



As it can be assumed from its name, this magazine is dedicated to shaping women’s bodies. It abounds in advice on healthy habits, fitness, and beauty. It publishes new diet recepies, points out the latest weight-loss trends, suggests exercising routines. All the advice is given by professionals (doctors, nutritionists, a fitness trainers). Shape gives you back your confidence, it makes you lead a happier, healthier life, both physically and mentally.


O - The Oprah Magazine

Inspired by one of the most influential women in the world – Oprah Winfrey, this monthly magazine is ideal for both successful, busy women, and for those who want to succeed and lead a happy and healthy life. It is a mixture of fashion, travelling reports, cooking tips, inspiring experiences, home furnishing, relationship advice and many more. Its unique energy will make you look on the bright side of life, it will strengthen your confidence, and make you chase for your dreams.



One of the most popular magazines worldwide covers every field of women’s lives: love and sex, style, business topics, real-life experiences,gossiping,and advice on health and beauty. Cosmo helps women strengthen confidence, seek independence, build a life attitude and create a unique style.


Lucky (magazine)

If shopping is your thing, than Lucky is a perfect magazine for you. This comprehensive guide through shopping facilitates your search for the hottest, the most fashionable, and the cheapest products. Every month, it brings you the latest trends in clothes, cosmetics, shoes, accessories and home-decorating items.



Bust is a magazine for independent, self-confident, strong women. It differs from the other magazines for women because of its feminist attitude. It covers various topics: art, music, sex, fashion, crafts… It is famous for its clever, quick-witted, sharp, female-respecting texts.



As you might have assumed from its name, this magazine is a guide to ultimate happines on both physical and psychological levels. This magazine advises you how to eat healthy, look good and be more satisfied and happier. It suggests alternative methods for achieving improvement in mental and physical life: meditation, massages, natural remedies and beauty products. If you seek unity of the soul, body and nature, this magazine is the right choice for you.


Tango (magazine)

This relatively young magazine, first published in 2005, managed very quickly to make its way to the top and become one of the leading women's magazines. This is the only magazine completely devoted to love, and relationships. Designed to help couples to build up their relationships, Tango solves love problems, gives opinions from the male and female perspective, it advises on all the topics connected to relationships: family, sex, money, career…


Woman’s Day (magazine)

Woman’s Day is a women’s service magazine which helps women deal with every-day obligations. Its texts cover various issues: cooking, fitness, DIY, cleaning, health and latest fashion trends. It also publishes articles on business, finance-handling and relationships.